The most important attractions in Samothrace island

The mysterious Samothrace island, an exciting, dynamic and varied excursion for those who like to visit mystical and mysterious places. If you love life, exotic destinations and the adventures of Samothrace Island have a place on your list of dreams. From the rocky and steep peaks begin forest gullies, forming spring waters and waterfalls. Samothrace is an island of secrets. Each pedestal has its own magic, its own nature, its unique beauty.

And the higher you climb the paths, the more you will find. Samothrace Island remains with its unspoilt natural environment and is the ideal choice for escape from the usual. We head to the second highest mountain in the Aegean Sea. We start our trek from the very foothills of Mount Saos.

Follow the E6 mountain trail until we reach the peak at an altitude of 1611 meters. From there, observation and information, orientation of the whole island. Our return is another way. This time it passes through an ancient cedar wood, and large oaks. It is a hiking trail with beautiful pictures and many scenery. In the immediate vicinity of the café you will find the thermal baths of Samothrace, where there are many mineral springs.

Later we will devote our time to an evening tour that includes visiting the old capital of Chora. Chora has one of the most beautiful cobbled streets and alleys, with small two - story houses glued to each other. Chora is a wonderful place to watch the sunset at dinner, trying the gastronomy of Samothraki from local ingredients created by the most real tastes. After breakfast, transfer to Fonias River. The famous River of Samothraki offers a pedestrian tour to 6 beautiful waterfalls and crystal lakes. Bookmark and Share

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An astonishing route that we will follow to the last Fonias waterfall. The Klidosi waterfall is the highest waterfall 35 meters from the river. Some parts require little effort, as the route is rather steep. If walking is your passion, do not hesitate to walk along the steep riverbed to the spectacular waterfalls that we will explore.

For the route to Fonias, it is recommended to wear closed shoes rather than sandals or flip flops. After the river, transfer to the second most popular beach of Samothraki. Kipos is a pebble beach that curves around the eastern edge of the island. It consists of black volcanic stones and crystal clear water. Although it lacks sand, it offers plenty of sunbathing and crystal-clear snorkeling water as well as a great deal of serenity and privacy. In the afternoon, we take you to the southernmost point of the island where you will be able to visit Pahia Amos beach where you can relax in the sand and brilliant blue waters.

On our return we should not miss the Panagia Krimniotissas church built on the top of a cliff above Pahia Amos beach. We will follow one and a half kilometers of dirt road with a rough and beautiful landscape. Suddenly, the whitewashed Panagia Krimniotissas church, attached to the rocks like an eagle nest on the edge of a steep cliff at high altitude. This is an excellent point of view from which you will enjoy a wonderful and unique sea view, the beach of Pachia Ammos, the impressive steep rocks and the beauty of the chapel.

The place is perfect for sunset views and offers a wonderful backdrop for a perfect photo. At the end of the day transfer to our hotel. After enjoying your breakfast, we will visit the most important archaeological site: Paleopoli, the ancient capital of Samothraki. A place indissolubly linked to the Mystery of Samothrace, ceremonies whose meaning remains a mystery. Here you will find one of the most significant temple complexes of the Pre-Dynastic Age. The entire complex, which is now well preserved and can be visited as an open-air museum, is dedicated to the Caberian cult of the Great Gods.

In the Pantheon of the gods, the goddess Axerros, who later associates with the ancient Greek goddess Demeter or Sybil, is the most important place for the worshipers of the cult. According to the legend, in this place, at one of these celebrations Macedonian king Philip II meets Olympia and makes his wife.

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