The most beautiful attractions of in Montana

The most visited attractions in Montana are related to the Rockies and Yellowstone National Park. Not to be missed also the National Park Glacier, which is among the most interesting sights in North America. Montana is one of the largest area in America, but with the lowest population density. Just to clarify that Yellowstone National Park belongs to the natural attractions in Wyoming and natural landmarks in Idaho. Only a small part is in the state of Montana.

Glacier National Park, located in the northwestern part of the state, far from the big cities. The nearest town is Kalispell is located southwest of the park. what offers Glacier National Park, in the first place hundreds of miles of mountain trails, but are passable from June to September.

The same goes for camping with izklyuenie those who are in the lower part of the park. Fishing is allowed but is regulated at designated places. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Montana

Popular places for panoramic pictures in Glacier National Park are: Hidden Lake - a beautiful lake surrounded by some beautiful peaks (Bearhat Mountain, Clements Mountain and Reynolds Mountain).

Sun Road, a popular hiking trail, which passes through Saint Mary lake, beautiful Wild Goose Island and continues to Lost lake. Of course these are sample itineraries, which I suggest, but can go as to Grinnell Glacier and Triple Pass Divide.

Whitefish lake, a relatively small lake in northern Montana, which in summer is quite crowded on resting people. Used for the whitefish fleet, swimming and camping. Lake is like Quake Lake, as understood by the name is formed by the earthquake claimed the lives of 28 tourists in the Gallatin National Forest.

Lolo national forest, located in western Montana near the Idaho border. The park is very large and there are over 1000 kilometers of hiking trails. You can freely see grizzly bears, elk, deer and mountain goats.

There are a wide variety of tree species such as spruce, cedar and pine. And a little unusual to me attraction in Montana is Our Lady of the Rockies. The statue is of white mosaic height 27 meters dedicated to Mary.

Built from donations monument mountaintop overlooking the Continental Divide city Butte. Makoshika State Park, the largest park in the state of Montana and the most interesting rock formations.

Although the land is barren, the interest of visitors in the park is found here because of the huge dinosaur fossils and rock shapes resembling think of mushrooms. Access to Makoshika State Park is also easy museum found fossils including dinosaur Triceratops.

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