The most important sights in Brac island

The most interesting sights on Brac island are waiting for you with many pleasant surprises in this heavenly place. Along the coast of Croatia there are thousands of small islands, of which only a few dozen are inhabited. The island of Brac is known as the tallest island, with the most beautiful Adriatic beach and some of the oldest archaeological sites.

It is a great attraction for tourists with its isolated bays, fig trees, clean water and beautiful hills. Here there are extensive pine forests, vineyards and olive groves. Thanks to the favorable climate here grow citrus, olive, vineyards, which are then turned into premium wine and olive oil. Fishing is also an economic sector with long-standing traditions.

Local goats are grown on the island, since they have a wonderful cheese. Even the Emperors in the Roman Empire were admirers of the wonderful goat cheese they had obtained from the island of Brac, which at that time was named Bratia. The most interesting sights on Brac island are the largest island in Dalmatia and the third largest in the Adriatic.

Like the more famous island of Hvar, Brac is very beautiful - filled with hills, picturesque coastal stripes, old-fashioned cities and beaches. Its highest peak is St. A species whose height is 778 m, making it the highest island point in the Adriatic. There are two famous resort towns on the island - Supetar and Bol. Bookmark and Share

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Natural sights in Brac island

The city of Bol is the paradise for windsurfers. In all of Croatia, there is hardly a better place for this sport. A Golden Rat or Golden Nose is a place where you can dive, practice kitesurfing, wakeboarding or ride water skiing.

Complementing this great fine sandy beach that looks like gold, you can imagine what it is like to be in this paradise of Croatia. The local beaches are blue flag: which means that you can achieve perfect tanning in ecologically clean conditions. In general, a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea is in every sense separate worlds. The island of Brac, where ferries from Split arrive, is famous for its white marble and "Golden Cape".

Golden Rat Beach, stretching 300 meters deep into the sea, constantly changes its shape and location under the influence of winds and winds, and this means one - it is unique. In no case should you miss the unique place of Blaka, this is one of the most interesting sights on Brac island, which is a complex of hermit monasteries.

You will be fascinated by the ancient atmosphere of the cities, where each building was made of the famous stone marriage, which, according to rumors, was used for the construction of the White House. The Sutivan Nature Park is an ideal place for a picnic where visitors can indulge in local flora and fauna, as well as taste homemade wine and culinary specialties.

Other interesting things that may happen to you are in the mainland of Croatia, though there are some more beautiful islands around Brac island.For lovers of history we recommend visiting the islands of Brion. In this national park you will find the ruins of Roman buildings from the 1st century AD, the villas of Marshal Tito and the church "St. Germen, "and under the waterfront there are remains of a sunken Venetian fleet. For those who love to visit all the best, it will appeal to the longest island of the Adriatic - Hvar and the most beautiful - Mljet. And the most peacocked peacocks are found on the island of Lokrum where it is worth seeing the ancient Benedictine monastery, the Napoleonic fortress and the Botanical Garden. Explore the pearl of the Adriatic of Dubrovnik tourist destination and of course, the capital of Zagreb. Follow the posts on our site to find out about the most interesting landmarks on Earth.

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