The most important attractions in Nisyros

The most interesting places of Nisyros, a small volcanic island, part of the Dodecanese group, with a total area of ​​41 square kilometers. It is located between attractions of Kos Island and landmarks of Tilos Island and has an almost perfect round shape with a large volcanic crater in the middle.

The volcano is a major tourist attraction and many people come for a one-day visit to Kos Island just to see the volcano, but in fact the island is an ideal destination for escape from crowds and quiet vacations. There are several villages and small hotels. For those who are primarily seeking a beach destination, this island is not suitable because the beaches are not strong.

Nisyros is only taken by sea. A ferry from Rhodes passes through the island several times a week and stops at the port of Mandraki, and every summer there are ferries for cars and passengers departing from Kos (in the winter are less frequent). Some Kos agencies offer full-day ferry trips and organized bus and island tours. Besides the main village of Mandraki, Nisyros has three more villages - Pali on the northern coast, and in the inner part there are Emborio and Nikia.

Emborio can see remnants of many old buildings, and Nikki is a picturesque village with colorful houses and small narrow streets leading to a small square. A fantastic view of the volcano is revealed from the top of Nikia. The volcano is easy to reach, as there are signs in the harbor. The road that passes through the island is in good condition and the distances are short. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Nisyros

The largest crater of the volcano is called Stefanos and represents a huge hole about 300 meters long and 25 meters high. The walk inside is an exciting experience and it's worth seeing. The volcano area has an entrance fee and, besides the big crater, the whole landscape reminds of its eruption.

Tourists enter the crater entirely under their own responsibility because the volcano is active and steam can be seen from the holes, and the specific smell of lava ashes is felt everywhere in the air in the area. Nisyros has only a few beaches. Mandraki has a miniature beach between the taverns. Three long beaches with dark volcanic sand can be found on the east coast, near the village of Pali, which also has a beach called White beach.

The pebbly beach of Avlaki is located in the southern part below Nikia. Apart from the volcano, other interesting places to visit the island are the remains of an old fortress 4 km from Mandraki and the monastery of Panagia Spiliani. The cave with a sauna effect in Emborios is also worth it.

Approaching Emborios (Emporios), you will see terraced houses on a hill overlooking the sea and the volcano. At first glance the village looks too quiet and uninhabitable. At the top of the hill, almost all buildings are in ruins. They are part of the old Pandoniki fortress and the settlement was declared by the Greek government as an object of significant architectural value.

Here and there some of the houses have been restored to their original appearance, but in this part the village seems completely abandoned. The newer houses are in the lower part of the hill and that's where the few permanent residents of Emborios live. From the top of Nikia there is a panoramic view of Stephanos, the volcano crater, and half of the island. On a hill above the parking lot you will notice a small white church - this is Agia Triada (St. Trinity), dating back to the 15th century.

The church is open to visitors and can be reached by many steps. Avlaki is located in the southern part of the island of Nisyros. This is the old port of Nikia, currently being used only as a place for relaxation and swimming. Until 1950, the port was the entrance point of Nicky. The ships remained in the deeper waters, and rowing boats carried the cargo to the warehouses on the beach.

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