Beautiful natural landmarks on Corfu

The most interesting landmarks in Corfu as travel guides for Greece. Corfu is located in the western part of Greece between the Adriatic and Ionian seas. The important geographical location make this place much visited during the summer months, and in recent years in the winter.

The climate is humid Mediterranean, in the northern area is mountainous terrain, and in the southern part is flat terrain. Exactly halfway between the northern and the southern part is the largest city Kerkyra (Corfu). Immediately begin our virtual tour with the first landmark town Sidari.

Picturesque location in the north of Corfu with very small beaches, ready to receive thousands of tourists from Europe and the world. The best beach is Apotripiti in Melitsa, but its beauty is not inferior Canal d amour and Logas beach. Bookmark and Share

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Historical landmarks on Corfu

Be sure that in Sidari will find everything you need for a wonderful family vacation, starting from the delicious food and get to the various sea attractions. This place offers a magnificent coastal scenery, many beaches, some of which you can visit only by boat.

Near the village of Lakones is located monastery Theotokos. Built in the 12th century on the bedrock. Since it is at high altitude, you can make panoramas in good time to Paleokastritsa. Pontikonisi - a small island south of Corfu town, which has a Byzantine chapel with the name Pantokrator.

In recent years the access of tourists is limited, but if you arrive by plane Corfu shortly before landing airplane you look down and see this attraction even for a few seconds. We will introduce you to a historical landmark Angelokastro - "Castle of the angels."

During the Byzantine Empire it was the most fortified place on the island of Corfu. Angelokastro successfully withstand attacks turtskite troops under siege in 1571. Another interesting finding is architectural Mon Repos. Villa summer residence of King George I.

In the museum is currently restricted in certain months of the year. Near Corfu there are several small islands, which are also worth mentioning, such as the island of Mathraki. The population is about 400 people who managed to accommodate casual tourists come to this enchanting place.

There are 3 restaurants give to many houses and villas for rent and the beach is narrow and stony, but instead it is secluded and quiet. Personally for me, here I felt cozy and comfortable, away from civilization. However, if you want a stormy summer living it your special attractions of Zakynthos.

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