The most visited landmarks in New York

Before I started to write this article about the landmarks in New York I want to make one clarification. Let us distinguish between New York and New York City. These are two different geographical concepts, although they have something in common between them.

On the one hand state of New York is the fourth most populous in the United States and New York City is the most densely populated city in America. Geographically, the location of the state's northeast, north borders the Great Lakes Ontario and Lake Erie.

Hudson River crosses from north to south New York State and flows into the Atlantic Ocean in New York City. Here is the largest natural park in the USA - Adirondack Park. This park is mostly mountainous with lots of rounded peaks with an altitude of about 1500 meters. Bookmark and Share

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The most beautiful landmarks in New York

In the lower parts between the mountains have rivers and lakes suitable for hiking or camping. Tourist attractions in the Adirondack Park are varied, ranging from ice climbing in the winter near Keene Valley, Cascade Pass and Wallface to pleasant boating in hundreds of lakes.

Fishing for trout is permitted only in a few places and is strictly regulated. Ithaca Falls, big beautiful cascading waterfall 50 meters high. Can best be shot if you boat in Cayuga Lake. In the past there were several mills here that are disfiguring this natural attraction.

In the summer it is possible to bathe in the lake, but a pet is prohibited. Another natural phenomenon is Niagara Falls. The most powerful waterfall in America with a height of 50 meters, on the border between Canada and the United States. If you look closely at the pictures of Niagara Falls you will see that it is divided into three separate waterfalls.

The biggest of them is the Horseshoe Falls with a height 57 meters, the other two are less falling water accumulated due to natural stone in the base of the waterfall. Finger Lakes, natural tourist destination resembling fingers. All 11 lakes are long and narrow, like Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake is the deepest. Activities around the lakes for recreation are diverse, but there are strict rules to no contamination as the lakes used for drinking water.

For sightseeing in New York City it can write a lot, but for me the most interesting place is the newly One World Trade Center. Located in lower Manhattan close to the place where the memorial monuments of the two skyscrapers destroyed in the attack of September 11, 2001.

This is the tallest building in New York City and the Western Hemisphere with 417 meters height and 546 meters setting. The tower was officially opened in 2014.

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