The most important attractions in isla Mujeres

The most interesting attractions of isla Mujeres or known to the wide audience as the island of women. This is a small strip of land in the ocean, near to America, and in particular to the Yucatan Peninsula. The nearest settlement is Cancun in Mexico in the province of Quintana Roo.

In my opinion, one of the most interesting attractions of isla Mujeres is actually the sunrise in clear weather. This is guaranteed almost 100%, because here the sun bakes 364 days a year. The waters of the Caribbean Sea are always warm and this is a prerequisite for tiny tourists to visit this fabulous place. Why is it called the island of women? According to historical information, which is not very small, many drawings have been found of women who have been considered healers of the Mayans before Christopher Columbus arrived in these places.

But go back to the most interesting attractions of isla Mujeres. Tourists from the United States and Europe like to have fun on the beach, swimming, diving and water sports are just some of the fun.

Average daily temperatures in January are about 28 - 29 ° C, let's recall that in Europe at that time is a cold winter. The northern part of the island is covered by a wide beach, where luxury hotels and souvenir shops, restaurants and bars are located. There is only one lively central street where these shops are located, as the width of isla Mujeres is only half a kilometer away. The southern part of the Mouresé las colonias is for the local Mexican population. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in isla Mujeres

They live in small houses painted in blue and white, such as the houses of the Greek islands of Santorini and main attractions in Mykonos. Who's stolen this idea is another matter. Due to the favorable location of the island, it was a pirates base in the past. The fastest and easiest is to reach the isla Mujeres by ferry from Cancun. The most preferred sunbathing area is North Beach.

According to some polls last year, it is the beach with the highest rating. After we arrived at the hotel at 12am local time, we immediately headed for the beach. The sun was at its highest point in the sky and this is definitely a prerequisite for making beautiful panoramic pictures of the area. We were lying on the sand under the umbrellas, and we were happy after the many-hour bus journey through the jungles of Mexico.

Civilization was somewhat remote, and our happiness was infinite. If you are young people and love the night life, here you are in the right place. The restaurants are open 24 hours a day and the food is superb. You can sample fresh seafood and traditional Mexican food.

We tried both and we were very pleased. As I mentioned earlier, the isla Mujeres is very small - about 6-7 km long and we can walk around for a day. We were here for 5 days, and there really was no place we did not have. Just add that if you walk in the residential neighborhoods to the south, get ready to give one dollar to the annoying beggars who are in the streets.

Ince Island can be said to be a dream come true if you have money of course. Food and water prices are quite low compared to other resorts in Mexico. We witnessed a tropical storm that struck the island of isla Mujeres suddenly. The palms were bending under the wind, but no tree broke. For one hour, so much rain was poured out that it was hard to describe in words.

All the tourists hid in their rooms or in the nearby restaurants. The nature of the island is unique, but it is a problem with overbuilding. We have the memory of sunny North Beach, where we want to come back some day again. We highly recommend visiting the most interesting attractions of isla Mujeres because you will not regret it.

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