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The most important sights in Catania. More than a wonderful place. In the following lines I will tell you briefly about this beautiful city. We chose Catania as a place to spend the night and as our starting point, and especially for the city we set aside a day from our Sicilian fairy tale. Some information about Catania. The city of Catania is located on the east coast of the island of Sicily, between the cities of Messina and Syracuse, at the foot of Mount Etna - the highest active volcano in Europe.

The second largest city on the island, after Palermo Sicily. The city is the capital of the province of the same name. The population of Catania is approximately 300,000 people. Be sure to visit the main church of the Duomo, built after the earthquake with the remains of Roman buildings - such as marble columns and friezes. More than 1 million people live in Catania and after sunset turn the city into a huge outdoor bar. In summer there are numerous festivals, performances and concerts under the stars, so you can not be bored.

Every morning (except Sundays) there are two large markets in Catania - the Piazza Duomo fish market and the Via Etnea clothing and food market. Every culture that has passed through Catania has left something of itself - Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Moors, Spaniards, Normans. The former Benedictine monastery is now home to the Faculty of Literature of the University of Catania.

The Ursino Castle houses the city museum. What could be better than the Mediterranean coast, beaches (which, although with fine gravel, are very nice, south of the city there are sandy beaches), lemon and orange orchards, vineyards on the hills and coniferous forests. Bookmark and Share

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It's as if pieces of the most beautiful places in the world are gathered here. Be sure to visit the Cyclops Riviera - part of the coast, where as if from giant mythical creatures are thrown into the sea huge pieces of rock. Sicilian cuisine is quite different from what you are used to eating in Italy. Catania is also proud of several of its specialties, such as arancino - rice balls stuffed with meat, cheese and tomatoes. Try pasta ala normana - boiled pasta with tomato sauce, fried eggplant, ricotta and fresh basil. In summer, cool down with granite - an icy dessert of sugar, ice and flavored with fruits, almonds and more. On the southern slope of the old acropolis is the Teatro Romano (Roman theater), built in the second century BC. on the site of a Greek building. The auditorium has a diameter of 100 meters with two perimeters. The steps are made of lava, and the orchestra and seats are covered with marble. Adjacent to the Teatro Romano to the west is the Odeon, a small theater whose orchestra is on the same level as the highest corridor in the theater. The Odeon is built entirely of lava. Palazzo Biscari is still privately owned and lived by descendants of the Prince of Biscari, who built the building between 1707 and 1763. The facade of the palace is one of the most charming in the city; you may not notice the decorated windows and door frames. Ignacio Biscari, the grandson of the one who originally commissioned the palace, extended it to make way for its extensive collections, many of which have since been donated to the Civico Museum. The courtyard has a large double staircase and the rich interior includes a hall for feeding Rococo with mirrors, stucco and murals. There are paintings everywhere, marble floors, more frescoes and intricate stucco, as well as a small museum with artifacts not donated to city museums. Check with the tour desk to see when tours of the interior are available (the link to audio tours on the front sign only shows that the palace is being discussed in the city's audio tour). A wonderful public space for relaxation and enjoyment of nature, Giardini Bellini and Parco Maestranze are located west of Piazza Carlo Alberto in the city center.
Bellini Garden is located in the eastern part of the park and contains a beautiful fountain and several flower beds.

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