The most important attractions in Serifos

But when you see his capital on the ferry, Serifos will definitely attract your attention. Serifos is one of the smaller Cycladic islands, with almost round shape and an area of ​​75 square kilometers. It is located between Kithnos and Sifnos, with mostly rocky terrain, but on many beaches there are trees growing directly on the beach, as the island has drinking water.

On the way to landmarks of Santorini, Mykonos and Naxos, you will notice that the most important landmarks of Serifos are often overlooked by tourists. The tranquil atmosphere of the island and its isolated beaches make it a lazy vacation without crowds.

It is connected with ferries to Piraeus and the other islands of the group. Ferries arrive at Livadi Port, a small resort with several sandy beaches. Over the Meadows stands the impressive capital - Serifos Town or Chora, with white houses built amphitheatrically on a high hill, starting from Livadi and reaching the top of the hill with the church Agios Konstantinos.

Chora is divided into two neighborhoods, such as People and Ana Hora. The ring passes past the village, but the streets inside it are mainly pedestrianized, with small squares, cafes, restaurants and labyrinth of stairs leading to Agios Konstantinos, the best view of the whole bay. Besides Livadi and Chora, there are several more sleeping villages in the interior of the island. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Serifos

Around the beaches can be found hotels and taverns, but are too small to be called resorts. All beaches that can be reached by car are located on the southern, western and northern coasts.

The beaches of Livadi are sandy, shallow and partly organized with umbrellas and sun loungers. Due to the fact that they are located in the big bay with the harbor, they are well protected from winds and waves are rare.

Other popular beaches near Livadi and Chora are Lia, Agios Sostis, Psili Amos and Agios Ioannis, all on the east coast and easily accessible but no beach facilities. A little further north is Platis Gialos, a small and isolated beach. To the south are Vagia and Ganema, long and empty for most of the time, although there are several hotels in the area.

Kalo Ambelli is another beach in the south, in a small bay with sand and pebbles and clear blue water, but it is reached by a narrow trail with a transition of approximately 300 meters. Some of the most remarkable buildings on the island include monasteries built in the 14th century.

You might want to visit the White Tower, the remains of an ancient tower on top of a hill. The island is popular with divers and offers interesting diving tours. Around Kalo Ambelia there are rocks in which the sea has carved bizarre canals. The western part of Serifos is rocky and underdeveloped, there are only two beaches to reach by land - Sikamia and Abissalos.

In the area called Megalo Livadi, you can visit Serifos' old ore mines. They are right by the sea and have been used until 1964. Today, visitors can see some of the buildings, abandoned mining equipment and a load platform.

Whatever part of Serifos you find yourself, you will find amazing beaches. Interesting on this island is that it is not very developed in the field of tourism, which will allow you to feel the true spirit of the island. If you enjoy walking, Serifos offers many hiking trails that will guide you through its pristine scenery.

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