Historical and natural attractions of Zakynthos

The most important attractions of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea and is a popular destination in Greece. Authentic culture, crystal blue waters and beautiful beaches attract thousands of tourists from around the world. The biggest attraction of the island is the Bay of castaways - the symbol of Zakynthos.

Pictures of this beach are world famous and there is hardly anyone who has not seen at least one of these photos. Smuggling ship, which incidentally is very rusty is located in the center of the beach and there by 1980.

Interestingly this beach that can only go on the water, because it is surrounded by steep cliffs that are often used for skydiving extreme athletes. It is advisable to stay on the beach early in the morning because during the day hundreds of people congregate. Bookmark and Share

Kerguelen Island photogallery

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Natural attractions in Kerguelen Island

If you want to make panoramic images of this famous beach is better to get up from the high cliffs above Navagio. Other landmark on the island of Zakynthos are nearby caves around Cape skinheads blue waters lapping on the rocks.

Hence the name "Blue Caves". You can visit them only water. Chief city also bears the name of Zakynthos and if you have time to stroll along its streets you will experience the medieval style buildings.

Look at the Church of St. Dionysius called is the name of the patron saint of the island. Laganas beach - the most popular bay on the island of Zakynthos, part of it is reserve. Here every year in June the female turtles lay their eggs in the sand. After about 50 days leave little to the sea, but very few of them survive. One of the two hills above the capital called Mpohali.

On a clear day you can make beautiful panoramic pictures of Zakynthos. Look at the Venetian fortress in 1646 and the temple of Dionysus. Other interesting tourist attraction is the Byzantine Museum, the City Library and Plaza St. Marco. Mediterranean food on the island of Zakynthos, we suggest you try the grilled octopus, shrimp, squid and all kinds of fish.

Traditional Greek drink ouzo and served in every restaurant with salad tzatziki. Of marine attractions on the island of Zakynthos offer surfing, jet and water skiing. This water comes temptation of Argassi beach and beach Alykes. Other interesting islands nearby are beautiful Santorini, Milos and Astypalaia.

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