Beautiful Nature of Milos island

A detailed list of the most important attractions of Milos island, which must be visited by tourists. Let us recall only that Milos is one of the Cyclades, the fifth area of all the Greek islands.

The volcanic nature of Milos island and aim coastline add exceptional beauty to people unable to visit this enchanting place. Very nature has worked hard to create such interesting rock formations. For example, the white cliffs of Sarakiniko or bizarre forms Arkoudes.

There is no big difference in the architecture of Milos island with that of the other islands, the houses are whitewashed and the doors and roofs are predominantly blue. Beaches are small and narrow, barely distinguishable from the cliffs.

For example the beaches around Gerontas, Firiplaka and Paliochori - difficult to reach even on foot, but in contrast, not many people and can easily sunbathe the warm summer sun. Bookmark and Share

Attractions of Milos island photogallery

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Architectural landmarks of Milos island

Adamas or Adamantas is a beautiful port tucked away in the deepest bay on Milos island. If you walk along the narrow stone streets of the city will make an impression that everything is in white, including Christian churches - typical Aegean architecture.

Visit Trippin town where it was found the statue of Aphrodite or Venus de Milo. Unfortunately you can not see it because it has long been in the Louvre. There are still a small ancient theater, Catacombs and well-preserved windmill.

Also of interest are the fishing villages and Polonia Mandraki where the doors of the houses are on the water level, and the garages are adapted to enter the boats of the fishermen and not as is customary cars. Kleftiko - a group of rock formations and sea caves, which can be reached only by boats or yachts.

Goremite mineral springs near the town of Adamas, which can be used with curative intent, but keep in mind that spring directly on the beach. Tourism is the main activity of the local population, which is understandable.

Since the soil is dry and rocky, main agricultural plants are: oranges, cypresses, olive and juniper. It is also cultivated cotton and barley, but there are several vineyards that provide grapes and produces wonderful white wine.

Even if you write in detail about this beautiful paradise in the Aegean Sea is better to look at the photo gallery of the most important attractions of Milos island free to decide whether it is worth to take a family vacation nezabeavima here. If you can visit the nearby Santorini in Aegean Sea, because here you will see what nature has created one of the inactive volcano.

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