The most important attractions in Chios

The most beautiful sights of Chios are the ancient houses in the citrus groves. Whitish white or tarty black beaches. For centuries, Ligurian traders and Turkish Pashi have disputed the Greek island of Chios. To date, their cultures co-exist in architecture: elegant Renaissance buildings, narrow medieval streets, Ottoman domes.

A short crescent-shaped red land overgrown with forests. The black color of volcanic sand contrasts with a cobalt blue sea. This is Chios - the island of Homer and the first sea voyage of Christopher Columbus. The seafarer reached it in 1474. Aboard the three-wheeler Roxana owned by the Genoese trade aristocracy.

The island has been her possession for over two centuries, and thanks to this it has a unique architecture that is not found anywhere else in Greece. Erected 15 km. From the Turkish coast, Chios is a mountainous and fertile island with a hot summer refreshed by the sea breeze. A lovely place still untouched by mass tourism.

The airport is small and can not accept large charter planes. Extensive hotels count on their fingers. But they do not miss the tourists who are delighted to stay in archonica, traditional country houses, located in the village of Volissos or in the houses of Kambos in Gorodar. Near the village of Emporios is one of the most beautiful beaches of Chios - Mavra Volia (black pebbles). Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Chios

In the past, now the extinct Pearonus volcano, spat out smoke in the sky and covering the earth with lava. So Mavra Volia is covered with volcanic stones, contrasting in the deep black color of the lazura of the sea and the blue of the sky.

From these stones, the Genoese made the beautiful flooring of the yards in their mansions in Campos. Mavra Volia is located just 5 kilometers from the Pyrgi and is famous for its deep blue waters and the beautiful black beach. In the nearby town of Emporio you can rent apartments and studios, and the village offers all the amenities for a pleasant Greek holiday.

The most preserved medieval settlement of Chios is Mesta - one of the wonders of the island. The village has a few narrow streets, most of them covered with arches. The houses are built close to each other, so only two entrances can be entered in the Mesta. Architecturally, the settlement is planned and built as a maze in order to be protected from pirate raids.

The richest merchants lived in Kambos in beautiful Ligurian-style houses. Their walls were decorated with strips of local stone in different colors, streets covered with stone pavement, fountains and pergolas, citrus groves.

Today many of the heirs of the old families no longer live here, and trade is not as lucrative as it once was. That is why most houses are turned into something on average between boarding houses, hotels, rural tourism places or noble residences that host wealthy guests.

The best conditions in this regard are offered by Pearles Manson, which has seven apartments scattered in three separate buildings in a citrus garden covered with jasmine, glycine and hibiscus. In the evenings, you can dine in the garden or go to one of the few restaurants in the area.

To enjoy the sea, you have to go south or go straight to the west coast, rich in coves, which has scorched the island almost 20 kilometers inland. The transparent waters, seen closely, are even more crystal clear; In some places cobalt blue becomes more intense when the bottom suddenly fails. The surface of the water is dotted with golden flashes born from the play of the sun and the meltems, the strong wind blowing in these places.

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