The most important attractions in Ibiza

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The most beautiful places in Ibiza are beautiful rocky beaches, high cliffs over the sea and grow them tall pine trees, ideal for your marine adventure. Some argue that Ibiza is the most pleasant for youth parties in the Mediterranean, while others say it is the most beautiful Balearic Islands.

These are personal preferences, which will pay special vnimanie.Tova enchanting place has its own charm, the beaches are magnetic for wealthy tourists and the sunsets are amazing. About Ibiza has small rocks in the sea, most of them are used for fishing tackle. Locals call them "calas". Given the geography of Ibiza, the climate is Mediterranean with hot, humid summers and cool winters.

Many nations have inhabited this island (Moors, Phoenicians and the Catalans). Of them have survived to this day Dalt Vila - the fortified city, Phoenician settlement are Crumbs, cemetery Puig des Molins and others. Over the last century, many artists fled from their homeland and lived here of freedom, away from the noisy cities.

Now this is not possible because every summer crowds arrive here by young people a taste of nightlife. Privilege is a place that will never forget it for the rest of their lives, the largest nightclub in the world. Es Paradis is mostly associated with water parties, and Amnesia is known for foam parties. For romantic people's Cafe del Mar overlooking the sunset. Many hippies of the past have preferred to stay here and sell handicrafts small markets from June to late October. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Ibiza

From natural attractions of Ibiza will mention small islands Canjaro and Espalmador and legendary rocky island of Es Vedra. Usually tourists circling it by boat or speedboat and rarely going ashore.

The water is so clean and warm, some swim freely. From historical places mention the old town of Ibiza built in 1554. It was surrounded by walls that have been preserved until today. Visit the underground tombs Puig des Molins Nekropolis largest in the world and Cova de ses Llegostes - a natural cave which has a marine aquarium.

There are also several young caves where you can see relics and paintings of ancient people who inhabited the island in the past. These are the Cova des Culleram, Ses Fontanelles Caves and Caves Can Marca.

In the past, the main minerals were salt deposits Las Salinas, which are connected Ibiza. Because of them were built ancient villages of Santa Gertrudis, San Carlos, San Jose and San Rafael.

They are very well preserved "fincas" or estates with thick whitewashed walls. Another landmark worth mentioning is the monument "Homenaje a los Corsarios" - Obelisk of corsair. Located in the port of Ibiza. As the island occupies a strategic location in the Mediterranean there are several important sea lighthouse, one of the most famous is the Faro de Botafoc.

In the late 19th century were built around 200 windmills, as the Greek Mykonos island . Most of them are now ruins, but some of them are currently being restored. Ibiza Port is a peaceful place even during the summer months especially at night. Be sure to try the local specialties.

The traditional cuisine of Ibiza includes bullit de peix or fish soup, sofrit pages and world famous cheesecake Flao. Most restaurants and nightclubs are located near Puerto de Ibiza.

Some of them work year round and prepare food from around the world. In conclusion, we recommend you not to miss this lively Mediterranean, even for a week vacation because you will not regret it.

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