The most important attractions in Praslin island

The most beautiful beaches on Praslin island, Seychelles. The second largest Seychelles island is Praslin. The island is a true embodiment of a fabulous natural picture. It protects sheltered valleys, ancient palm forests and magnificent beaches, with soft white sand.

One of the main attractions in Praslin is its botanical garden and the Grand Anse beach. Praslin has several resorts and hotels for its visitors. Palm trees on the island are home to several typical Coco De Mer coconuts and coconuts typical of the Seychelles.

An example of such rare bird species is the black Seychelles parrot. The beaches on the island of Praslin are its trademark. They are characterized by soft white sand, crystal water and tropical vegetation.

Most beaches offer safe bathing and underwater diving among the living corals that are home to about 900 species of fish. If you visit the island of Praslin and want to enjoy its beauty, it is good to rent a bicycle and tour the whole island.

There is definitely something to be seen, and the sight that is found is worth the walk. The island has several hotels and restaurants for its guests as well as a casino. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Praslin island

One of the most famous hotels is "Acajou" - situated around a beautiful bay with pristine beaches and crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. In the northeastern part of the island is the hotel "L'Archipel".

It is nestled among the tropical vegetation and together with its surrounding nature forms a natural amphitheater. The first settlers who settled on the island called it "Palms Island" and even "Garden of Eden". Praslin's most peaceful beauty combined with excellent hotels - a true "golden environment" between relatively densely populated Mahe and almost wild La Digue.

Luxury hotels, expensive restaurants, long beaches of fine sand - these are the main components for a relaxing holiday on the island of Praslin. Due to the surrounding coral reef there are no big waves, and the granite cliffs on the coast split the coast into many secluded coves.

Visit the neighboring island of La Digue island. You will not regret this place is really impressive. Such large smooth stones I have not seen anywhere else on Earth. The food is really great, and the weather here is perfect.

In addition, Praslin is the birthplace of the "Sea Coco" - a symbol of the Seychelles. In Valee De Mai National Park, the world's largest coconut palm tree "Coco De Mer" grows and a home for rare tropical birds is a real Garden of Eden. On the island of Praslin is located 36 km from the capital city of Seychelles Victoria.

Dimensions of the island - 11 km and width about 4 km and has a population of 5000 people. On the island of Praslin you can arrive from Mahe Island by plane for 15 minutes or arrive within 2.5 hours on a boat.

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