The most important beaches on Crete

The three most beautiful beaches on Crete are Balos, Phalasarna and Elafonisos located in the western part of the island. We had decided to spend 6 days on one of them and we talked to Phalasarna, imagining that it was good enough for us to visit the others. In theory, that's what it was, or it was, at least when I was making the travel plans.

In fact, it turned out that the week when we arrived on the island, KTEL went to winter bus timetables and that greatly restricted us from traveling. The problem was that to get to either of the other beaches we had to catch a bus from Castell / Kisamos at 09.00 am - 10.00 am and the first bus from Phalasarna was at 10.00 which naturally made the connection impossible.

So, on arrival, we were set to spend the 6 days of Phalasarna on a full break, and eventually we could visit Balos by boat. From Chania to Phalasarna there are several buses a day so it is the easiest to reach from the three beautiful beaches on the west coast. The place was beautiful and honestly, if we had only visited it for a day, maybe I would not appreciate it at all, because we would probably only see the big beach of the type I do not like. There are only a few hotels that are not large-style, and if you're looking for some evening entertainment - that's definitely not your place. We were staying at the Falasarna Beach Hotel, 100 meters from the beach, at the last stop of the bus - it's been just a long time since I was in such a quiet place! The hotel is very decent and definitely recommend it, all the rooms, except those on the first floor, offer wonderful sea views. Bookmark and Share

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I suppose that in the active summer season is overcrowded, but the second half of September was quite calm and were secluded places as we love. Somewhere on the beach there are pink sand, making the place quite exotic! This is my favorite place on Phalasarna - a little beach tucked between rocks, not far from the big beach! A kilometer from our hotel is the remains of the ancient city of Phalasarna. The ancient Phalasarna was founded already in the VI century before the New Age and had a closed port that was connected to the sea by a canal. In the active season it is possible to reach Balos by bus from Castelli / Kisamos. But, as I said, just about our arrival, the Greeks were most subversive to the timetable, and we had to look for a way to get to Balos from Chania.

At Kissamos, we were loaded with a huge boat and left. The place is very beautiful, but with terribly many people. Besides our large three-story ferryboat, there was another big boat and of course not to forget the people who came with their own cars. If I visit my own transport, I recommend going away before 12.00 hrs, when you are poured to once hundreds of tourists! The other option is to leave after 15.00 when ships sail to Gramvousa. In the Balos Lagoon you can see from 12 to 17 different shades of color in the sea .

The Gramvousa Island is located not far from the Balos Lagoon and is also interesting to visit. On the island there is a fortress with a strategic position (from 1584), well preserved to this day. The shipwrecked in 1968 is an integral part of the island's landscape. In fact, let's not visit the best beach on Crete. Elafonisos. Because of the circumstances, Elafonisos stayed for the last day of our stay on Crete attractions , and then there were predictions of very bad weather with thunderstorms. Like the previous day on Balos, and here we are in contrasting views!

From these three beaches, I liked the Elafonisos most, despite the storm trap there. And honestly, I'm even glad that it was not perfect sunny weather, because most probably this beach, as empty as we saw it, was never. If I now have to choose where to spend 6 nights, I will certainly be on Elafonisos because the islet is big enough to offer more secluded places. Besides, there is another beautiful and not so popular beach nearby - Kedrodasso, which naturally we did not have the chance to visit. When choosing hotels, what stopped me from being here is that it seems to me that the place is hardly accessible by public transport (there is only one bus a day).

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