The most beautiful beaches of Hawaii

The most beautiful beaches of Hawaii, which are a dream for every traveler and lovers of fairy-tales. Enjoy the exotic nature, listening to how the wind sounds in the palm leaves while you lie down on the beach. Being mentioned the beach - for a group of small and close-to-close islands, Hawaii offers a wide variety of possibilities: beaches of every type of sand you can imagine, lead with different scenery and waves, gentle as a mood or powerful as a typhoon, depends on what you prefer.

Besides, the best part is that much of the beaches of Hawaii are untouched by human interference and still as pristine as they have been centuries ago. If you are looking for the most special beaches of this exotic destination or just want to dream about it, this ranking is exactly what you need.

Lanikai Beach, Oahu. The beach with the smallest waves in Hawaii. The fresh water, the greenery around, and the wide sandy beach like powdered sugar make Lanikai beach one of the best places to swim on the islands.

Hanauma Bay. A beautiful bay with a great variety of marine life. To keep it from the big influx of tourists, there is a limit on the number of visitors introduced in 1990. If you want to enjoy its beauties, you must arrive early in the morning.

In contrast, other landmarks in Hawaii simply pale. Most tourists, however, seem to prefer to rest on these fabulous places and to overlook the beautiful scenery that is there. Bookmark and Share

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The best beaches of Hawaii

North Shore. If you love the surf, the beaches of Nort Shore are your place - a nearly 13-kilometer strip of several meters of waves that hosts one of the world's most prestigious surf races in November. Between May and September, however, the sea is quieter, so it becomes perfect for swimming.

Kailua Beach Park. It is quite windy here, making the beach a paradise for kite surfers, but also for kayakers and swimmers. The place is also very popular for beach weddings, with which Hawaii is famous all over the world.

Hamoa Beach, Maui . The beach is right behind Hotel Travaasa Hana and is maintained by its staff. It is famous for its beautiful sand and is suitable for families and the only thing to watch out for is the sometimes strong underwater currents in the ocean.

Hanalei Bay. If you're looking for the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii, you'll find them right in Hanalei Bay. The combination of fine golden sand, blue water and emerald green mountains with crystal waterfalls make this place truly magical.

Poipu Beach. Selected for the best beach in America, Poipu is best known for its shallow waters, which are calm and suitable even for the youngest children and the startling swimmers.

Punaluu beach. Bordering with lush green forests, this beach is famous for its black sand and is a favorite spot for nature lovers who come to watch tortoises nesting on it. Punaluu beach is perfect for snorkeling, but because there are a lot of rocks in the ocean, it is not recommended for beginner swimmers.

Waimea Bay. Crystal blue waters, fine golden sand and no crowds of tourists - making the beach super popular. It is never overcrowded because it allows a limited number of people at once. The beach is famous for its huge waves, and it also hosts international surfing competitions. In the summer the waves are small and the sea is calm, therefore the perfect beach for swimming. In fact, this is the most popular beach for families on the northern coast of Oahu.

Honaunau Beach. And this beach has been crooked with the title "Best in America," and anyone who loves to enjoy the underwater world would agree. It provides perfect opportunities for snorkeling and diving, and in the reefs around there are hundreds of colorful native species.

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