Halong Bay one of the seven natural miracles of Vietnam

The Miracles of Vietnam or an exciting journey among the natural sights of this incredible country. Where should this journey begin in Vietnam? From Halong Bay, of course! Dozens of beautiful ships await their guests at the harbor. Impressing on the brilliant system of luggage organization on board the junk!

Coming up on the ship, we were greeted with a rain of rose petals that the smiling Vietnamese poured onto our heads as we climbed the wooden spiral staircase to the second floor. The junk provides everything - massage, beach chairs, excellent seafood, cocktail bar. For a walk through the bay we went to small boats with paddles, with which the boats in typical Vietnamese costumes made us a one-hour tour around the small islets.

The numerous boats with several passengers went like a flock, excited in laughter and speech, but in a few moments our view was so rewarding that everyone sank into their thoughts and fantasies that were only disturbed by the rake of the oars, the cries of the apes and the low flight the rock eagles. We traveled alongside a small fishing house that obviously had no electricity or television, but it had tidy ropes heavy-weight fishing boots and small children with a lively fishing life. First of all, we have to share the very tasty Vietnamese food, which is also very healthy. Bookmark and Share

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The best miracles of Vietnam

The most remarkable thing was at dinner, the hosts surprise us with a show: darkness, against the background of impressive music and a sparrow of waiter pineapples - something like Vietnamese Halloween! There are no supermarkets anymore, but there are floating boats that have all kinds of household goods, including diapers, cigarettes, snacks, and pearls for tourists! Similarly, we visited one of the biggest rock caves, beautifully designed for visiting tourists, and the walk is completely safe - on wide and well-lit alleys.

The night began to descend slowly, in whose darkness the gleaming silhouettes of the nearby ships were brightly visible. The quiet night in the quiet waters of the bay ended with a merry morning, with a cup of fragrant coffee aboard, shared with friends in the group and slightly moved out of sleep, a picture of the boats taking in the direction of timelessness. Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam.

Here we saw the royal citadel, the royal knight - the focal point of the city, Moon gate - the main entrance of the Imperial City, the Palace of Supreme Harmony, a typical example of royal architecture. Ho Chi Minh or Saigon. Moreover, here we seem to have fallen into a completely different North Vietnam world that impresses with its wide, palm-planted streets and beautiful flowers, sleek and modern over 50-storey buildings, numerous modern cafes and boutiques on all the world's brands .

Unforgettable nights are on the terrace of a skyscraper, with a cocktail in hand, and at your feet - the city shimmering the lights, the gentle curve of the Saigon River. Besides, our tour coincided with the eight o'clock evening. Also in our country, we do not reflect much in our country in the eighth of March.

But here our friendly Vietnamese hosts have tried and our dinner was organized on board a fairy boat on the Saigon River, where we were pleasantly surprised with a rose for every lady. An abundant buffet products sparkling with lovely white or red wine, a playful breeze in the hair, and impressive views of the brilliant night Saigon from the ship's ship. Finally, I would like to recommend you to explore the other sights in Vietnam, for which there is no time to write you in this exciting article.

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