What are the Marble Mountains?

The Marble mountains in Vietnam are several high cliffs, more precisely five that have their own names. I couldn't remember them, which is not so important, is it? The weather in the last 2 days in Hue has been more than horrible.

We didn't have a plan for where we were traveling, but after checking the weather forecast for the places we wanted to visit, we realized that it would be almost a whole week with bad weather, no matter where we went.

Hue is located in the middle of Vietnam. We had to decide whether to stay in this region or lose a few days while traveling and go to a place where it was also raining. So we decided to stay in this area and spend a few days in Da Nang.

Da Nang was not on our itinerary, but it is a large and modern city that offers many activities, even when the weather is not good. And as often happens, when you are not planning something, then it surprises you the most! Da Nang is the cleanest place we have visited and is intended to be the place with the best standard for crossing miracles of Vietnam! Da Nang also has low mountains, great beaches, many interesting pagodas and temples and everything you can want for a holiday destination! Bookmark and Share

The Marble Mountains photogallery

What else can we see in Da Nang

Despite the weather forecast, in the early morning the sun was shining and warm. So we decided to rent a scooter and explore what could be seen!

Driving at Da Nang was a burden to my horror and not as easy as any other place. You should not underestimate the traffic in major cities of Vietnam. If you don't feel comfortable while driving - just don't do it! I am the happiest person on earth because there is anyone to drive the bike everywhere.

The first place we visited was Marble Mountain. The Marble Mountains are eight kilometers south of Da Nang. It was not the Vietnamese but the French who gave it the name after studying the chemical composition of the soil in the mountain. In Vietnamese it is known as Ngu Hanh Son, which means a mountain with five elements.

  • Kim - Metal
  • Thuy - Water
  • Moc - Wood
  • Hoa - Fire
  • Tho - Land

The Marble Mountains are located in the center of Nuoc jewelry settlement, which was specialized in marble work about 400 years ago. In the past, locals used marble to create huge sculptures and natural jewelry, but nowadays the government is trying to preserve marble.

The whole Buddhist complex is very huge, so you need plenty of time to explore it yourself. It is located in a wooded area, which is slightly crossed by steep cliffs that climb easily. There are steps where tourists are allowed to enter.

The complex is a combination of pagodas, temples and numerous caves that also serve as a holy place for worshipers and prayers. An interesting fact is that during the French Colonial War, the Hueyen Hong Cave served as a secret command post for the local revolutionaries. In addition, marines in the Marble Mountains crawl around the Marines training here.

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