The most important attractions in Syros

The main landmarks of Syros, a different island, and anyone on the island would agree. Its architecture is dominated by neoclassical architecture rather than Cycladic, and the feeling of being on Siros is like being in Greece, Italy and France at the same time.

The capital of Syros, Ermoupoli is a real labyrinth of narrow streets and adjacent houses. The old village of Anno Sira, located on a hill above the city, is today a neighborhood of Ermoupoli and is a landmark that is worth seeing. Compared with the bustling and cultural capital, the other settlements of Siros are small and quiet.

The main road runs round the southern half of Syros and travels easily and quickly. On many beaches the island municipality has installed umbrellas that visitors use for free. The northern half is mountainous and unpopulated, although there are some roads, and all northern beaches are reached by sea only.

The island of Syros offers many attractive bays, as well as popular resorts such as Galissas and Cinemas. The landscape is diverse from palm trees terraced fields. The Northern Region of Apano Maria with his traditional farms where native livestock are in conflict with its Italian-style mansions and hotels in the south island. The fishing village of Kini is located in a horseshoe - shaped bay has two good sandy beaches. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Syros

Cinemas is a popular meeting place, where people sit in one of the pubs on a glass of ouzo to be enjoy the go down, or just some excellent fish dish in one from local taverns.

To the north of Kines is the well-known beach Dolphins - the largest of Syros and the most popular among the nudists. Between Ermoupoli and Kini, set among hills covered with pine trees woods, the red dome of the monastery of Agia Varvara can be seen.

From the monastery reveals a wonderful look to the west. From the cinema you can board a boat to reach some of the more remote northern beaches on the island. The Gramma Bay is one of the most spectacular, filled with golden sand and numerous lilies in autumn.

You can also reach the eastern coast and Sikamia Beach by boat. There is a cave where the philosopher Pericide lived, according to historians. From Sikamia you can see the remains of Castri's Citadel, with its six towers, perched on the high cliff. Another major city on the island is the bustling Galissas, where there is an interesting sheltered beach, and is also the favorite on the nudists beach Army. Other places to visit are the attractions in Mykonos and the llandmarks of Tinos. To the south of the bay is Agia Paco, which is in the place of the ancient city of Galissas. Another 3 km. to the south is the large Phoenicas bay, where more than 1000 people live today. Foinikas is a popular resort and a place for mooring expensive yachts.

Poseidonia, or Dellagation, is one of the largest tourist attractions on the island, with great hotels and restaurants. Poseidonia is a rich town with many beautiful, Italian-style mansions, where some of the richest people on the island live. A short walk to the southwest will take you to Agataphis - one of the best beaches on the island.

Another resort town of Siros is Vary - here you can see a number of modern hotels, but also traditional Greek houses. If you continue to the Chonthra Peninsula, you will see to the east of the beach the oldest prehistoric settlement of Syros, dating back to about 4000 BC.

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