The most important attractions in Capri

The main attractions of Capri , scenic views, rocky seashores and charming spiral paths that open the breathtaking panorama are backed by historical facts and cultural evidence.

A walking walk will allow you to explore the remains of the imperial chambers (among which you have to pay special attention to Villa Iovis and Villa Damecuta), to the Neapolitan Gulf and Farallon rocks, Via Krupp to the gardens of Augustus and the monastery San Giacomo, where nowadays a school and a gallery are located.

Yes, we also mentioned legends. One of Capri's main attractions is the "Azure Cave" phenomenon, which is a must-stop for all visitors. It is located on the very seashore in the northern part of the island and its bottom is under water.

Since the entrance is very low when a boat passes through it, tourists have to lie down while their driver pulls it with a special chain. Because of the strange turbulence of the wind inside it, for centuries it is believed that these are actually the wizard's voices of the sea sirens that inhabit these lands. The cave is decorated with statues in which turquoise water reflects and creates the feeling of an azure-blue reality. Daylight penetrates through an underwater hole just below the entrance, bends over the water surface and illuminates the interior.

At the same time, bubbles are released into the water, creating a silver glow. The other mysterious natural phenomenon of Capri is the Pharalloni Rocks. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Capri

These are three limestone rocks in the Neapolitan Gulf, each of which has its own name. The Stella rock is still linked to land, the second - Mezzo and the third Scopolo stretch into the sea.

Only the Scopolo is the rare animal species "blue lizard", and a natural tunnel is discovered in Mezzo, which is famous all over the world. This part of Capri has attracted not only the Romans who built their villas here, but also many artists and entrepreneurs who have built some of the most beautiful mansions and hotels here in the early twentieth century.

Just 15 minutes walk from the Pharalloni cliffs, there is another impressive natural landmark of Capri - the Natural Arch. Formed in the rocks, it offers a spectacular view of the valley and the sea, and on a bench placed on a specially constructed platform, you can almost sit under the arch. In the southwestern part of Capri Island, the Punta Karena lighthouse built in 1866, with an impressive octagonal tower, is one of the most important for the Tyrrhenian Sea and the second one (after that in Genoa) for illumination power in Italy.

If, while you are walking, suddenly you have a desire to reflect on things of life, if the beauty of Kapri and the natural phenomena have created existential questions about the origin of everything that surrounds you, there is one place on Capri Island where you can find the answers that you are looking for.

This is the Philosophic Park on the outskirts of Anakapri, where on small plates scattered on your path you will read the insights of 60 Western philosophers. The park was established in 2000 by an idea by Swedish Professor Gunnar Adler - Carlson and his wife.

When you decide it's time for fun and social life, you should not take the Capri's main square "Umberto I", called by the local "La Piazzetta". There are countless other places in Capri where you can sit and relax and have fun, but if you really want to merge with the tourist stream and feel the real gully, this is the place for you. Here are Town Hall, tourist offices, bars, cafes, shops and everything that rightly turns this place into a hot spot for meetings and entertainment. The stay on Capri Island will surely remain unforgettable for you.

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