The Land of Fire main landmarks

The Land of Fire main landmarks are located at the southernmost point of South America. As a result, it separates from the Magellan Strait, forming a large archipelago with several smaller islands. Thus all the islands form the Magellan archipelago.

Finally, let us summarize that Cape Horn is the southernmost point of the continent, but it is dangerous to pass through the great winds and the great excitement of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. In addition, Fernando Magellan, when he was passing from here, saw many fires along the coast of the island. The sailors have long been wondering why.

The reason was the oil that came out of the ground and with which the local population had warmed in the cold evenings. For this reason, the island is called Fiery Earth. The indigenous peoples of the Indian tribes were the native, the yaghan and the allucove.

They were warned with fire that the invaders came. It is also good to know that these tribes are no longer there because they have mingled with settlers and colonizers. In contrast, Chile and Argentina have now divided the Land of Fire in a ratio of three to one in favor of Chile. Bookmark and Share

Land of Fire photogallery

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The best attractions on Land of Fire

Let's go back and tell about the Land of Fire main landmarks. They are primarily natural attractions. Landscapes are mostly glacial, and relief here is varied. It looks very similar to Patagonia. In the northern part there is a rather deserted landscape, bare rocky shores, shrubs and low hills.

To the west and to the south it is quite different. The mountains are higher, therefore there are also forests. Generally, most of the landscape is glaciers that have faded rapidly over recent decades. The climate on the Island of Fire is homogeneous. Summer is cool, winter is cold, the thermometer falls below minus 7 °, minus 8 ° С. Rainfall varies from 500 to 4600 mm.

Probably this is the reason why there are coniferous forests on Navarino island Chile . Above all, here is the oil and the wood processing industry. The highest peak of Monte Darwin, 2488 meters high. In the first place, the population is Ushuaia in Argentina, and smaller settlements are Rio Grande and Pontifical. Spanish is Tierra del Fuego.

There is, of course, the Tierra del Fuego National Park. You need at least 3 days to get around. It is to the west of Ushuaia. Another major The Land of Fire main landmarks are the Karukinka Natural Park. It is a huge park, with large pedestrian walkways that pass through for a few days. Lake Roca - is a beautiful freshwater lake where you can ride a canoe or boat.

The last attraction is Escondido lake. This is a very beautiful lake in Argentina. Because it is freshwater there is a fish that you can catch without problem. For lovers of mountain climbing, we offer a trek to Monte Sarmiento, Monte Darwin and the Marinelli glacier in the Chilean part of the Land of Fire.

Let's summarize that the Land of Fire main landmarks are inaccessible to tourists because they are thousands of miles away from major tourist destinations. It is therefore too expensive and pointless to give so much money for something you can see in other places on Earth. The proximity to such attractions as Patagonia and the Easter island is even more. Of course, everyone decides where to go on a trip, because money is yours.

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