The most important attractions in Patmos

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The biggest attractions on the island of Patmos are located near the western Turkish coast, with secluded coves and beautiful coastal islands. Patmos is the smallest of the Dodecanese - a group of twelve Greek islands known as the Southern Sporades.

Its area is 28 km2. For it, as for the other (Rhodes, Samos, Kos, etc.) is a typical Mediterranean climate. Typical livelihoods of its inhabitants are tourism and hunting sponges and, to a lesser extent, agriculture and fishing. His main town also called Patmos.

The most important cultural history of the island is exile of John the Theologian about '95 According to legend, namely of Patmos he created two essential parts of the New Testament, one of the four canonical Gospels (Gospel of John) and Revelation.

The island has a cave where, according to legend, John wrote these chapters from the Bible. On the highest point of Patmos was built ancient monastery with a rich library, which according to local monks in the XVII century. Was visited by Bulgarian clergymen.

Included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. The name is synonymous with the ideal place to fully discharge and escape from the noise of the crowd. Called Patmos "Jerusalem of the Aegean" and connect it to the place where St. John Blessing wrote his Revelation. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Patmos

Patmos is steeped in mystical and otherworldly atmosphere that encourages visitors to dream exciting dreams. This island is not a tourist destination, it is a pilgrimage destination.

Yes, he is visited by many tourists from around the world. But they do not seek the benefits of beautiful beaches, azure shores, hotel complexes and crystal waters. They seek the power of religion.

Patmos is located between the island of Leros and Ikaria, mountainous island with rocky soil and numerous bays. The majestic fortress - monastery decorates the hill like a crown, elevated above the harbor, surrounded by charming white cuboid houses that descend down its flanks.

Scattered among them are small churches and large mansions of sea captains, separated by thin partitions and high walls, Mali squares with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. The construction of the monastery began in the XI century. It is built of massive gray stone walls with weapons to protect the main church and the remaining 5 altar.

His incredible treasure trove contains Byzantine and post Byzantine icons, sacred vessels from the IX century embroideries and other priceless objects, while the library archives documents, stamps of the patriarch, sacred manuscripts and rare old books.

Ships that reach Patmos, the island's port berth - Skala, a lively place with white houses and flowers in the gardens, fish taverns, hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops. North of Skala is a village Kampos, situated between trees and greenery, and next to it is considered the best beach on the island.

Patmos has an indented coastline and topography creates good conditions for the formation of beaches. Among the favorites are the beaches of Grigos, Kalikatsu, Psili Ammos and Diakofti. The easiest way to reach the island Pamos is by ferry from Athens. Exactly this ferry goes through a very beautiful attractions in Mykonos and Ikaria.

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