The most important attractions in Kythira

The biggest attractions of Kythira Island, a small island compared to the other Ionian islands, is located south of the Peloponnese one and a half hours from Neapoli in the Laconia area.

Kythira Island does not complain because it has everything - waterfalls, wild beaches, turquoise waters, delicious food, even its own flower - Sempre Viva, which is grown only there and is forever. This extraordinary place between Crete and the Peloponnese, at the point where the Ionian, Aegean and Cretan seas meet, with 3000 inhabitants awaiting hordes of tourists every year to explore the island's beaches and history and steal some of its atmosphere.

Do not scare the word hordes - the island is big enough to accept everyone without being crowded. With 60 settlements and numerous beaches, there is a place for everyone. What to see on the island of Kythira? The most tourist spots on the island are Chora and Kapsali in the southern part of the island.

There are many corners in the village with a nice atmosphere and traditional architecture, from which you can visit the Fortress of Kythira, built by the Venetians in the 16th century. But even if you are not excited by strongholds and streets, you should definitely try the legendary banana desserts and lemon pastry at Cafe Fossa. From the picturesque Mylopotamos you will reach the waterfalls, and if you want to walk on foot, stroll across the waterfalls of Nerida, the waterfalls to the next waterfalls, and cool down in the icy waters running between the plane trees. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Kythira

A few kilometers from Mylopotamos is the cave of Hagia Sophia, where, according to legends, the body of the saint is found. Inside you will see stalactites and stalagmites in different shades.

Take a stroll to Potamos in the northern part of the island, where live music is available in the evening, and do not miss Karavaus and visit Amir Ali's springs, as well as having a cup of coffee in the picturesque café.

You need to stop at the Avlemonas, a picturesque harbor, with small restaurants, you can go to the sea and visit the island Houtra against Capsali by boat, after 4 hours when the sun shines through the caves. Dive into the water and enjoy the underwater life. Where to bathe on the island of Kythira?

You will not easily find the sand of Kythira, even on the beaches that have the word "sand" in your name. But the waters are crystal clear and transparent everywhere. One of the few beaches with sand is at Diakofti, the port of Kythira, where the waters are turquoise and very clean.

There you will see the famous maritime catastrophe of the Russian cargo ship Nordland on the rocks of Prasonissi. Among the best beaches is Melidoni to the south, which leads to a dirt road. Another impressive beach is the Caladi, which is 200 steps away.

In Halco, the water is wonderful, but there are many, because it is from the tourist places where it is quite accessible. You can also visit Componada and Firi Amos in the east. To the northeast, it's worth visiting Furnus, and to the west of Likodimos beach with the huge rocks that make a shadow.

How to get to Kythira? By plane (Olympic air, Aegean) or by car to Neapoli in Lakonia (about 365 km Athens) and then by ferry (about 1.5 hours), as well as a ship from Piraeus about 7-8 hours.

Do not miss to visit the Zakynthos island and the Ithaca island, which are part of the Ionian Islands. You will not be disappointed and spend an unforgettable vacation.

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