The most important rafting destinations

Although in the last few years the best rafting destinations in the world are the same, there are still many people who have not tried this extreme sport. In this article we will describe the more distant places that will make you stun with horror only with the view of the fast water rafting.

However, this will bring you unforgettable experiences even if you are a beginner in this field. The first meeting we suggest is the Colorado River, in my opinion, the best rafting destination on earth.

It is located in the US and offers two options for downhill. One river rafting is in the state of Arizona in Grand Canyon, and the other is a water rafting ride across the Moab desert.

Both rafting destinations will satisfy you completely because more than 50 rapids and small waterfalls are waiting for you. The rafting season on the Colorado River is between May and September. The tranquil stretches of the river give you the opportunity to enjoy the rocky landscape of the canyon. The trip also offers many pedestrian eco-trails and campsites.

The second major rafting destination is the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls. This place is truly charismatic amidst the great waterfalls and great rapids, challenging even for prepared rafters. In the lower reaches of the Zambezi River you will meet crocodiles and hippopotamuses. Bookmark and Share

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Rafting destinations on the Earth

The Ottawa River in Canada is the next North American river rafting destination. The Ottawa River divides Quebec and Ontario, extremely clean water, but cold for most of the year.

In the tranquil stretches of the river you can enjoy amazing views of nature, and fast waters will make it even more experienced rafters. The thirst is worth believing me. The Pacuare River in Costa Rica, a less-known rafting destination passing through lush tropical forests. The downhill on the Pacuare River is divided into three sections, two of which are classified as III to IV difficulty.

Besides rafting, Costa Rica offers several natural landmarks (active volcano and tropical jungles) that are worth visiting. The Futaleufu River, Chile is a rafting with a combination of glacial lakes high in the Andes mountains.

Fastbacks are of Grade III and IV Grade difficulty, but in most sections they are relaxed. There are several campsites along the Futaleufu River, which have hot tubs and resting beds. There are also attractions in the area such as horseback riding and rock climbing.

The sacred Ganges River is the next rafting test. According to experts, this is a classic in the genre. The best time to go downhill is in the months of June to October when the snow melts from the Himalayas.

The degree of difficulty is from II to V, and in the tranquil stretches of the Ganges can be seen Hindu temples and small settlements. In fact, this is the best river rafting destination in Asia. The last water rafting destination is the North Johnstone River, Australia.

We recommend it only if you are experienced rafters. The degree of difficulty is IV and V class, and it is good to know that the river passes through deep volcanic gorges covered with tropical forests. Access to the river is limited and possible only by a hiccup. Due to the heavy rainfall the North Johnstone River is suitable for boat trips almost all year round.

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