The most beautiful beaches in Neil island

The best beaches on Neil island in Andaman sea. A few weeks back, I asked my wife about what she want to see next. Most of you chose to see nature and its scale. Here is the first one in the series. Do take note of this series, I am gonna end this one with a giveaway quiz.

Luxmanpur Beach in Neil Island (Andaman) has this amazing rock formation. The sunset over here is a surreal experience. It is accessible during the low tide. We were there during the sunset and warned to leave right after that, as the high tide was to come soon after. You know how it is to find the right angle, then photograph and be happy with the frame. It was quite an adventure to run against the clock. As you can guess, these are a small part of the beauty of Andaman and Nicobar. If you have a desire and of course a financial opportunity you can tour the archipelago and make amazing panoramic pictures of this part of the Earth. Bookmark and Share

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The best experience in Neil island

I at times feel, that doing what you love doing gives us so much of joy, that it translates itself into energy and passion. Working hard becomes equivalent to having fun. The rocks were rough, that too filled with water in places. Moving on the same, sitting, placing the tripod - now that I look back, was actually a series of things to execute. But it never felt like a task. Waking up everyday, doing things that our hearts want and yet live life on the basis of that work - is such an ideal state of being.

The exotic Neil island is part of the Andaman islands. It has a triangular shape and has no elevation. The island attracts tourists with its tranquility, the azure sea that surrounds it and its exquisite exotic beaches. The main livelihood of the population here is agriculture and tourism.

The island of Neil is preferred because of the lack of overcrowding, such as the neighboring islands of Havelock, and because of the possibility of seclusion and pleasant recreation among its wonderful nature, which has still preserved its unique authenticity.
Bharatpur beach is the beach that one gets to see as soon as you step onto Neil Island jetty.

The beach is well known for its coral reef which is undoubtedly utterly beautiful and probably the most beautiful in Andamans. This is one reason we call Neil island the coral capital of Andamans.

The best way to enjoy the beach, its cool sea breeze and the calmness of the place is to carry a nice book and a hammock with you. Tie the hammock around a tree and read the book under the shade.

There are plenty of benches to sit and some stalls around that sell packaged drinking water and coconut water.To do snorkeling, the snorkeling experts takes you in the sea on a glass-bottom boat that has a magnifying glass through which you can see the corals and small fish under the surface.

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