The most important beaches in Portuga

The best beaches in Portugal are located in the southern part of this European country. The first virtual destination Praia da Rocha, beautiful and very well organized beach near Portimao. The conditions for a pleasant family holiday very good. Nearby are many interesting rock formations and caves in the sea near Lagos.

Some of them you can see only if you are on a boat at sea. In the summer there are many tourists who rent boats to go around this maze of rock in the sea. Another nice beach in this area is Albufeira. This tourist area in southern Portugal, has already earned its place on the map because of the beautiful and clean beaches, good infrastructure, good climate, etc. Beach Leirosa, located in the central part of Portugal.

The north and the south side of this beach has enough empty places besides bathing tourists are also used for fishing. Bookmark and Share

Beaches in Portuga photogallery

best beaches
Espinho sunset
Praia Azul
Praia da Falesia
Praia de Leirosa
Praia de Santa
Praia do Amado
Santa Cruz Beach

Top 10 beaches in Portuga

For people who want peace and solitude this is their resting place. The same can write and beach Espinho. In addition immediately say that is suitable for camping or caravan holiday.

Beach of Miramar, located 10 kilometers from the city of Porto, known for the chapel Capela do Senhora Pedra. Interesting decision to build a chapel on the rocks on the beach. One of the attractions of the sea Portugal, built in the 17th century.Santa Cruz, great beach divided into several parts by high cliffs north of the capital Lisbon.

Because of the wind and waves of the Atlantic gather here many surfers. The tides are great, and there is enough space on the beach to put umbrellas and towels. Of course there are many uniquely beautiful beaches as well as between Lisbon and Porto and along the entire coast of Portugal.

Visit some of these fabulous beaches and see for yourself why the Algarve as the list of the best beach destinations in the world. We will only list some of these beautiful locations: Meia Praia - long and spacious beach with sand dunes and small hotels nearby, Praia do Amado - currents offshore are very strong, so surfers very careful, Praia da Marinha - one of the most photographed beaches in the Algarve because of the rock formations and rock arches and divers and snorkelers will explore the seabed because water is clear.

Praia do Vau - popular beach between Alvor and Praia da Rocha. Do not miss the tide, because it appears yellow clay, which can be spread and shoot. Praia da Falesia - lovely large beach of golden sands, dramatic red cliffs ideal for long walks and wonderful panoramic landscapes of the bay. Everything written here is clear that these beautiful places for recreation and tourism are part of the attractions in Portugal.

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