The most important beaches in Malta

The best beaches in Malta, although Malta does not think it is exactly a beach destination. In the sense that the shores are mostly rocky, there are very few sandy beaches and naturally summer is full everywhere. If you are looking for secluded beaches, Malta is not the right place!

Because of the small size of the island, we used to think of different cities in the morning, and after lunch we could go to one of the beaches. Naturally, not everything happens as one thinks. We could not visit all the beaches I had identified, first, because although the distances are very small, the movement is not so fast, and secondly because the weather was not always with us!

Undoubtedly the most beautiful sea is around Comino Island. The island is located between Malta and Gozo and is only 3 square kilometers, there are very few inhabitants, and a hotel that only works in the summer. The most visited place on the island is the Blue Lagoon. The water is crystal clear with incredible blue color! I think it is obligatory to visit. I suppose there are excursions to here from every city, we went to Port Cirkewwa and from there we took a Paradise Express boat (10 euro round trip), we arrived twice as fast as the other boats and boats. The captain so madly drove that the bow of the boat rose upward and we all slid backward - we, two Italians and two divers. We were so clinging to the boat railing that our only goal was to stay in it because, as one of the Italians said, "maybe we go to Il Paradiso!" First we let the two youngsters dive and we went on to the island. The water really looks delicious! The bad thing is that there are no sand, only rocks, so they have umbrellas and sun beds! It is good to go early so you can find good places. Bookmark and Share

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Natural beaches in Malta

We were one of the first, but honestly, I did not want to spend the day with 100 monkeys on the head and we decided to go around if there was no more secluded place! And, unbelievably, we've really found a place we've been on our own for almost a day! The whole thing was that there had to be thrown into the sea and a few meters across the water, and most people saw this thing they were giving up - as if they had not come to the sea!

We found a comfortable flat rock and settled down. Well, the water was not like the Blue Lagoon, but it was beautiful again! And as we were alone, a whole ship of tourists dug at one time! Good that it did not stop too long! Towards the end of the day we decided to move to the public beach to see where it is. The water is unique, like a pool. I saw such waters and I can not stop shooting!

The other beaches in Malta are unfortunately not as impressive. It takes a bus to a village of Bahrija, then a few kilometers on a dirt road. And a few more kilometers on some hammers because we messed up the road. And I do not know if it was worth walking because that was the beach! Fomm ir - Rih Bay. I even doubted that it was about this beach and I decided to go a little longer, but the heat was so screaming to us that we thought it better to get back! Because at these rocks the next beach could be about 10 kilometers ... Someone built a house in the desert! We went to the beach, it was rocky, the sea wild, but at least the views and waves were impressive, and we were alone.

The sea is so stormy and the waves throw the stones like a feather, only a rumble! Mellieha Bay (Ghadira Bay) - the widest sandy beach in Malta. Typical city beach, there are umbrellas, sun loungers, cafes around. Besides, the sea is at your knees a lot inside! The next two beaches are close to each other.

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay next door - not so inhabited. Since he did not move me in one place, I climbed the hill to see what was on the other side. Here, too, there were sailors, even with tents! In the southern part of the island we visited only the beach in Birzebbuga - Pretty Bay.

Honestly, I did not understand what he deserved the name - I did not like it at all, besides, there was something like a harbor beside him, and you remember how clean the water was! One of my favorite beaches was that of Gozo Island - Ramla Bay. It was very picturesque and the sand had a reddish hue!

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