The most important beaches in Lisbon

The best beaches in Lisbon one of the most interesting, filled with history, places of entertainment. Its rich culture and many attractions annually attract thousands of travelers wishing to experience the beauty and history. Kimani, one of the mildest in Europe and the southern location of the city makes it a perfect destination for lovers of emotions throughout the year.

Attracted by museums and galleries, people often overlook another side of the solar city, which can be enjoyed in its full splendor in the summer. Lisbon is the only capital in Europe, blessed with nearby beaches with fine, golden sand. Although the water is not very hot, it is still suitable for swimming and water sports paradise for surfers.

The beaches are diverse, from small secluded and romantic huge beaches with golden dunes, suggesting long romantic walks. The beaches of Lisbon are ideal for clean and refreshing days spent on the fine sand. Bookmark and Share

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Natural beaches in Lisbon

If you have decided to devote their summer holiday on the Portuguese jewel follow the example of locals who at every opportunity spend time along the coastline around the city. Praia de Carcavelos is the first beach that you should visit. It is closest to the city and is known for its soft golden sand and the nearby bars and restaurants. It can be reached most easily by public transport, but if you have a car, the beach has adapted several free parking.

That, and the fact that the waves are ideal for surfing, makes Praia de Carcavelos most popular beach, which can be a bit crowded on weekends. If you want to enjoy long walks on the beaches, head south to the Costa da Caparica, one of the longest beaches in Europe that will conquer as lovers of water sports and those of lazing on the beach. And at night the place is filled with numerous bars and nightclubs in which to relax and enjoy a cool cocktail.

There can be easily reached by public transport and explore the town of Costa da Caparica, which is located at the beach. Refreshing Praia do Meco, which is located about 40km from Lisbon and is part of the natural park Serra da Arrabida, is a paradise for surfers.

The beach is sheltered and surrounded by high sand dunes and sandy cliffs, making it the perfect place if you want to hide from the world. You are easily reached by car as the beach has several paid parking. And if you decide to travel by public transport route is Lisbon-Santana - Meat. All these beaches are blue flag of the European Union and declared one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The summer months are filled with numerous muzkalna festivals and concerts which combine leisurely beach days, the most famous of which is the annual Jazz Out.

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