The best attractions in Lisbon

The best attractions in Lisbon - another of the European capitals with impressive architecture, old history, rich culture and many green corners. If you decide to go on a vacation or a trip to Portugal, this is the place! Portugal is called the "End of Europe" because of its geographical location and its overall atmosphere - its appearance is more inspired by its overseas colonies than by its European neighbors. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy and we were unable to visit the best beaches in Lisbon. In the summer we will come again and catch up.

In the next few lines, we will introduce you to a small part of the numerous sights of Lisbon listed in our top 10. The Campo Pekino Bullfighting Arena is an art for the locals, which has become an important part of their cultural wealth. The University of Lisbon Botanical Garden: you will find a diversity of plant species from around the world, many tropical and exotic representatives of different countries. The inspiring power of nature will make your vacation in Portugal even more fulfilling. Azulejus Museum- located in the former Monastery of the Mother of God. Azulejo is a painted ceramic tile in Portugal that is unique and typical of local architecture. In Lisbon, they can be seen everywhere - on the facades of buildings, churches, the subway and squares.

Piazza Marques de Pombal and Piazza Tereiro do Paco (Europe's largest outdoor square): magnificent architecture and scale, beautiful boutiques, hotels and restaurants. Bookmark and Share

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What are the attractions in Lisbon

The shopping center of the Portuguese capital extends from Rosio Square to Commerce Square closed behind the Arc de Triomphe and the statue of Jose I. The Park of Nations, built for the Expo'98. You can not miss the Portuguese Pavilion, the Vasco da Gama Tower, the Knowledge Pavilion with a variety of museum and exhibition exhibitions.

The second largest aquarium in the world. In its central part there is a huge aquarium with about 25,000 species of marine plants and animals. It is also located in the Park of Nations. Alfama: the oldest and most picturesque neighborhood of Lisbon, including the Cathedral of Lisbon (Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa or Sé de Lisboa);

St. George's Castle, rising from the highest hill; The Largo das Portas do sol terrace offers beautiful views of the city and the river. During your vacation in Portugal, do not miss the museums of decorative arts and Fado music - a unique cultural asset of the country.

The two bridges over the Tagus River are the symbols of the city. The most famous bridge is the 25th April linking Lisbon with the Almada region. Cross the longest bridge in Europe "Vasco da Gama" 16 km. Whichever way you go, you'll be fascinated by the breathtaking views, freedom and space that open up to you. The Belem Quarter with all its attractions: the symbol of Lisbon is the Belem Tower, a UNESCO protected site, the Palacio de Belem is the Presidential Residence, the Jerome Monastery where are located the Navigation Museum and the National Archaeological Museum.

The Explorers Monument is the same in Belem. From here almost all the Great Geographic discoveries begin, it was built in honor of the navigators who discovered new worlds in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Let's not forget that this is a small percentage of all attractions in Portugal.We intend to visit this beautiful country again and anap the next travelogue for this charming country.

The majestic monument is in the shape of a sailboat, with figures such as Pedro Alvarez Cabral (the discoverer of Brazil), Vasco da Gama, Fernando Magellan and others on board.

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