Ranking of the tallest buildings in the world for 2013

Recent statistics on the tallest buildings on Earth. There are lots of discussions about how to determine the height of a building. Most experts agree that you need to measure body structure without additional structures such as antennas and pylons.

While these are an integral part of the building, this should not be counted because they are not part of the massive structure. In recent years we have seen a big race in the construction of tall buildings and new construction solutions for lightweight construction. Below we present 10 tallest buildings constructed up to 2013.

Burj Khalifa, attractions in Dubai, UAE - The tallest buildings in the world ever built. High 828 meters, 162 floors and holds the record for the highest 76th floor pool, highest mosque on the 158th floor, the highest nightclub floor 144, fastest elevator and the highest restaurant a height of 442 meters. Construction is worth 1.5 billion dollars.

Taipei 101 Tower, attractions in Taiwan. It is 509 m high structure has been home to the World Financial Center. The number 101 is not accidental. This is the postcode of the international business district of Taipei. The World Financial Center in Shanghai, China - Its height is 492 meters and it houses a hotel, restaurant, shopping malls, conference halls and offices. There are several platforms for monitoring the surroundings as the highest is 1,555 feet. Bookmark and Share

Top 10 tallest buildings photo gallery

building Burj Khalifa
building Citic Plaza China
building Nanjing Financial Center
building Nanjing
building in Hong Kong
building of Jin Mao Tower Shanghai
building petronas towers
building of Chicago tower
building in shanghai
building of Taipei

Innovation in the construction of the tallest buildings

International Trade Center in Hong Kong - is 484 meters high and the opening was in 2010. There are 118 floors in their offices, shopping centers and hotels. Some of the floors have not yet filled (hired).

Interesting design decisions of tallest buildings

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, attractions in Malaysia - Rising an impressive 452 meters in Kuala Lumpur. According to the architects design the most beautiful of all the skyscrapers constructed by now. There are 88 floors, the towers connection is between 41 and 42 floors (170 meters). This is the highest bridge over land built by human hands.

Greenland Financial Center, Nanjing, China attractions - Construction was completed in April 2010 as the height is 450 meters with 89 floors. At 72 floor observatory with installed monoculars to monitor the nearby Yangtze River, two lakes and nearby mountains Ningzheng.

Sears Tower, Chicago, Illinois - skyscraper was completed back in 1974 and for 25 years held the record for the tallest buildings in the world. There are 108 floors and 442 meters high.

Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai, China - There are 88 floors and a height of 421 meters. Between floors 53-87 is 5 star Grand Hyatt hotel with 555 rooms. This is the tallest hotel built by man over the earth.

Hong Kong International Finance Centre - There are 88 floors and is 415 meters high, opened in 2003. After the tragedy of 11 September 2001 were made a lot of changes in the construction of this skyscraper.

Citic Plaza, China - This is concrete tallest buildings in the world. It rises to 391 meters and has 80 floors. These buildings are not uncommon in China and show the prosperity of China's economy and power.

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