Natural and historical landmarks in Tajikistan

Very beautiful alpine country with many natural landmarks in Tajikistan in Central Asia. Much of the territory is mountains with an altitude above 3000 m.

Here go some of the largest rivers in Asia - Amu Darya and Pyandzh. Most plants are shrubs and grasses, such as forests almost gone. The climate is continental with severe low temperatures in winter and summer high temperatures in the lower parts .

Part of the Pamir mountain range is located in Tajikistan , where the highest peak Ismail Samani . This is a very difficult peak to climb 7495 m . July and August are the best months to climb , going from town Horog .

Another interesting landmarks in Tajikistan is karakul lake . Represents a large crater that was formed in the collision of a meteorite with the Earth . Located in the Pamir at 3,900 meters above sea level with dimensions 25 km to 45 km. Bookmark and Share

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Tourist landmarks in Tajikistan

Of course Pamir Mountains is difficult to access for ordinary tourists , but in contrast, offer a wonderful view of Lake Sarez. Interestingly , the formation of a large lake .

In 1911 he became a major earthquake that helps a large landslide that blocked the water of the river Murghab. In a further earthquake risk of floods and disasters in the areas located under Lake Sarez. Even in ancient times these lands were inhabited by people who have left religious and cultural footprint in Tajikistan .

Popular for visitors landmarks in Tajikistan

There are quite reserved ancient cities and forts that are already restored and ready to welcome thousands of tourists from around the world. To begin the description of our walk with ancient Pyanjekent.

Are preserved ruins of 50 buildings where there are ancient paintings and ornaments of drawings. Similar city Shakristan, Kahkakha. Lovely wall, the remains of a palace Bungikata, murals and other historical artifacts.

There are many such ancient cities and temples that will only mention such names. These are the Temple of Oxes in town Takhti-Sangin, Baitudasht IV - Khatlon, fortress Kaakhka-Kala, the fortress Khulbuk - Khatlon, the old town Istravshan Kurukada and others. Natural landmarks in Tajikistan can mention several national parks that are located in the Pamir Mountains .

These are the National Park Badakhstan, National Park Pamir, National Park Shandur-Handrap, National Park Verkhniy Muzhkul and others. The capital of Tajikistan is Dushanbe city .

Here are most of the museums in the country , including the Tajik National Museum . Other interesting attractions to visit are the monument of Ismail Samani , 30 meter arch Opera " Aini " etc.

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