The most important attractions in Tahaa and Raiatea

Tahaa and Raiatea are among the largest of the Society Islands. Located in the western part of French Polynesia known since the time of James Cook.

There currently tourism is well developed. These are the most visited atolls in Bora Bora and Tahiti. The local population is engaged in agriculture. Grown coconut, pineapple and vanilla. On the islands of Tahaa and Raiatea has several hotels, a port for cruise ships, speedboats for walking tourists and marinas.

One of the attractions of these tropical islands is a coral garden. The place is suitable for underwater photography. Be careful not to break any coral or injury. Bring your protective footwear in such case. There are many colorful fish, eels and reef sharks are not dangerous to humans. Another interesting attraction is the Vallee de la Vanille. Bookmark and Share

Attractions in Tahaa and Raiatea photogallery

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Natural attractions in Tahaa and Raiatea

Located near Tahaa and see how it is produced vanilla spice itself the owner of the plantation. On the islands of Tahaa and Raiatea organized day safaris on rural dirt roads.

You can also visit farms pearls. Here except that you will see how cultured pearls from mussel shells can buy earrings or other jewelry at a very affordable price. You can fish in the shallow lagoon, but outside it is a better option because fish is more and more big.

And our last proposal is visiting the Center for protection of turtles. The owners of this center have a small population of sea turtles that can even touch his hand. Inache beaches in the area there are many, and pile houses converted into luxury hotel rooms.

The prices are good for European and American tourists. Diving is the main attraction and it just lagoon between the two islands. Put immersion suits and compass all occasions reefs in the area, including landscapes of sea mountains, underwater caves, debris from boats and marine slopes.

Give yourself a week and spend an exotic family vacation on the islands of Tahaa and Raiatea Society Islands - will not be bored. Dozens of small islands are suitable for picnics and solitude of couples.

Each has coconut palms under which you can relax and sleep. Reading a book is a good option, and the sea breeze will caress your hair.

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