Luxury hotels for Romantic Couples in Switzerland

Luxury Hotels for Romantic Couples in Top Cities of Switzerland are beautiful attractions in Switzerland. Tranquil atmosphere, stunning mountains, breath-taking panorama, lush green vegetation, diverse metropolises and quaint rural settings, all strategically connected by swift railway units. This is Switzerland for you! Situated in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is a warm and welcoming country that lures tourists from all over the world. Luxury Accommodations for Couples in Swiss Cities:

Geneva is a popular city that offers gorgeous sceneries, scrumptious cuisine and great historic sites. Local attractions like Lake Geneva, Flower Clock, United Nations Building, Saint Peter’s Cathedral and Reformation Wall attract plenty of tourists each year.

Hotel President Wilson: This classy 238-room hotel is situated in the heart of Geneva. The suites are furnished with contemporary decor and overlook Lake Geneva at different angles. Hotel guests have access to fitness centre, terraced pool, onsite spa and L’Arabesque (famous restaurant that serves mouth-watering Lebanese cuisine).

Hotel de la Paix: This lavish building houses 86 rooms and 15 suits that feature simplistic architecture, rich decor and subtle furnishings. What’s more? It serves some of the best Mediterranean dishes prepared by Chef Jerome Manifacier—a high ranking Swiss chef. Lausanne is a French-speaking holiday destination situated on the west coast of Switzerland. Bookmark and Share

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The best hotels for Romantic Couples in Switzerland

It encompasses striking mountains, lakes, medieval ruins, creative art galleries, Gothic cathedrals, museums and the famous headquarter of International Olympic Committee.

Le Montreux Palace: This exquisite building overlooks the majestic Alps. The mansion-style hotel includes spacious, modish and well-decorated suites. It features family restaurant, bar, private spa and a grand banquet hall. Visitors may stop by Cailler’s Chocolate Factory which remains open from April to October. Learn secrets of Swiss chocolates and tasty treats.

Nash Carlton: It’s a chic, savvy and comfortable hotel, decorated with cream colours and delicate furnishing for an ultra-clear appearance. It offers quick access to the Central Station, Eglise St Franin, Palais de Rumine and the Olympic Museum.

Lucerne - Often illustrated as fjord-like in its beauty, Lucerne is a lovely European city, renowned for Lucerne River, Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve. It features some of the best waterfront hotels in the world.

Park Hotel: Ranking amongst top 4 Swiss luxury hotels, this 19th century tavern is furnished with minimalist interiors, art nouveau exteriors and royal amenities, all tucked away in the rolling foothills. Couples enjoy sun bathing on the private lakeside beaches, pamper themselves at spa, lounge in the pristine blue waters of the pool and dine at the world-famous Michelin Restaurant.

Palace Luzern: Extraordinary hospitality, out-of-the-world ambience, stately structure and great views complement Palace Luzern. The building encloses Jasper (a popular 1-star restaurant), 9 regal gold courses, private spas and chic shops for the couples. The best part is that top historic sites, cultural events and premium shopping districts, all are located within walking distance. If you’re dying to see Dying Lion of Lucerne (a well-known mournful structure), don’t forget to book your accommodations in Palace Luzern.

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