Tourist attractions in Sweden

Cultural and historical attractions in Sweden is high, so the country can offer its visitors many interesting destinations.

Medieval lovers will experience the stunning castles in Gothenburg, which could easily spend the night. There you will feel the spirit of Swedish rulers at that time. An interesting attraction is Karlsten fortress that was built to 200 years.

The view from the castle to the Marstrand island  is indescribable. Castle Lacko will impress you with its baroque towers and heavily encrusted ornaments.

For nature lovers we have prepared a visit to the three most famous park - Söderåsen National Park, Fulufjellet and Gothic Sandto. For people who have an adventurous spirit will offer boat or boat on rocky western coast attractions in Sweden.

Transitions well trodden paths among wild mountain forests in the interior are very soothing. Here you will find a typical northern animals like beaver and moose. Journey through the channel or use the cruise to see the Swedish archipelago consisting of thousands of large and small islands. Bookmark and Share

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Scandinavian guide to attractions in Sweden

Most of them are uninhabited. Stockholm archipelago is ideal for a boat among the thirty thousand islands (the second largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea). Another attractions in Sweden is the castle of Kalmar on the Baltic Sea, which at the time was impregnable.

Especially try cuisine of the castle because the meals that are prepared there are more recipes from the XVI century, just as they are consumed Vikings.

The island of Gotland is best preserved medieval town of Visby. In the historical museum will see a well restored objects from the Stone Age, and right next to the museum Dominican monastery.

The most visited object Attractions in Sweden is Drotningholm Palace - residence of the Swedish kings. The gardens around it are lovely and very well maintained. Be sure to visit the cathedral of Lund in the province of Scania.

Lutheran Cathedral was built in the Basilica style of granite in the XI century, and in the XII century is finished in its current form until now.

The interior of the cathedral is well engraved, especially impressive crypt and astronomical clock with three kings from the XIV century.

One of the best preserved Sweden castles and fortresses is Gripsholms Castle. Built back in 1530 now the interior was converted into the National Portrait Gallery in Sweden. This is a stylish Renaissance fortress showing the power of Swedish kings.

Steninge Castle - another interesting Sweden castles Baroque architectural stylewas built in 1705. At present the castle was converted into a cultural center, where you can organize your wedding ceremony. Near a unique glass workshop where you can observe the production of glass ornaments by old technology.

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