Interesting and exotic landmarks in Suriname

Dense tropical forests with virgin beaches, unique wildlife and deep navigable rivers with wonderful coastline, these are some of landmarks in Suriname.

This South American country is a former Dutch colony, left on their own path of development in recent decades. 300 000 tourists each year visit Suriname and of course satisfied with the pleasant moments in this beautiful country.

90% of the area of Suriname is covered with dense virgin jungles that are impassable, and some of them are located in the Guyana Shield. The rainfall is abundant and reaches 2,300 to 3,000 mm., And average monthly temperatures range between 26-28 ° C.

The capital of Suriname is Paramaribo and if by chance you find yourself in this beautiful city will have the unique opportunity to experience colonial architecture of the 17th century.

Most of the buildings are on the list of UNESCO as architectural and cultural landmarks in Suriname. For nature lovers we offers stunning walks in the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. Bookmark and Share

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Natural landmarks in Suriname

There are various ecosystems of joy are well preserved. In contrast in the Amazon rainforest, this nature is intact and is protected by law.

This natural phenomenon gives life to over 400 species of birds, 5,000 plants and animals such as the jaguar, sloth, otter and several species of primates.

There is a landmark in Suriname Devil Egg - Sipaliwini, which represents a large boulder perched on top of a rock.

Unlike neighboring countries Suriname, there is no large waterfalls, however here are some of them. First waterfall is Blanche Marie.

This is a small waterfall, more like a few cascades total area of 100 meters of the River Nickerie, but incredibly beautiful.

Another waterfall Wonotobo, but of modest size about 10 feet tall. Rock domes are common, and rise above the surrounding jungle. Represent large bare, smooth rocks, relatively easy to climb as long as you have appropriate footwear.

Once you've already above the cliff, you will see an indescribable view of the dense tropical vegetation to where you reach your eyes on the horizon. Usually these cliffs rise to a height of 200 to 300 meters.

Tafelberg and Van Stockumberg Dome are part of the list of those rock formations. A common tourist attraction is an amazing canoeing on the lower reaches of the major rivers in Suriname - Copenhagen, Korantayn, Suriname.

You can fish, but can not swim because the water is very turbid and clay. Tourism in Suriname is in the process of development, and competition is quite large by French Guiana and Guyana.

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