The most important Apostle Islands

Summer holiday Apostle Islands is a good idea, especially for people who prefer the silence of nature. These are 22 islands located in the state of Wisconsin and particularly in the Great Lakes. The easiest way to reach these islands is from the town of Bayfield County.

The most of tourists go canoeing or kayaking on Lake Superior. There is also an option to rent a speedboat. There is an unspoiled nature, rich flora and fauna. The largest island offers amenities Medellin, which is the largest of the Apostle Islands.

Aside from the Americans, these islands are little known to the outside world. Name Apostle Islands comes from the French missionaries and monks who traded in these places, wrongly counted them 12 - as the Twelve Apostles in the Holy Bible. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions on Apostle Islands

The smaller islands such as: Rocky island, Bear island and Devils island is a favorite spot for camping in the summer. Tourism companies in the region provide a lot of entertainment and various sports.

Picnics and visit the caves are the most sought attraction of the Apostle Islands. In practice, you can organize a trip at any time of year. In winter the lake freezes and often can see migration of animals from one island to another.

Of course all islands within the protected area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNational Park Lakeshore. Most islands are planted white spruce and balsam fir, but can also be seen birch, balsam poplar and white cedar.

One of the largest populations of black bears is located on Stockton Island, so be careful where you go and make camp. Sea caves there on Devils Island. It is best to visit in the winter because they are the most beautiful.

Lake freezes and the caves are formed icicles resembling stalactites. Overgrown with greenery shores of Apostle Islands provide an opportunity for nesting herons, cormorants and gulls. It is good to know that fishing is prohibited, as well as hunting. For people who want a luxury vacation with more amenities, only on the island of Medellin has such an option. Let us not forget that these islands are part of the attractions in Wisconsin.

At this point there asvaltiran time and movement by car is well organized. The best way to get to know at least part of the islands to join the Grand Tour. This is a one-day cruise to the island Raspberry and Devils Island.

Visit lighthouses that are still active. Photographers also have many surprises because the sunsets of Apostle Islands are very beautiful. Panoramic photos are great and if you are lucky to see wild animals will be really lucky.

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