The beautiful Sumbawa island in the Indian Ocean

The volcanic island of Sumbawa, Indonesia is one of the largest Lesser Sunda Islands, located between the island of Lombok island and Flores. The first Europeans stepped on Sumbawa island are Dutch, but were unable to speak for long.

Here are the major religions Hinduism and Islam. The biggest attractions on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia volcano Tambora. The whole trip and viewing the volcano three days. The route starts from the village Calabai and go south through a narrow jungle path.

Be sure to hire a local guide, because climbing crumble volcanic ash is dangerous, and the height of the volcano Tambora's 2821 meters. The tour in the caldera of the volcano is impressive, especially if you hit the clear weather. Another interesting sight is the island of Komodo. Located east of the island of Sumbawa. Bookmark and Share

Sumbawa island photogallery

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Natural attractions in Sumbawa island

The entire island of Komodo is a protected area especially for the world famous komodo dragon, the largest lizard on earth.

Another reason tourists choose Sumbawa island are ideal conditions for surfing and diving in the shallow waters of the reef. Wealthy tourists prefer island Mojo, because of the luxury of this little lonely paradise in the Indian Ocean.

Indeed accommodation in luxury tents, but the beach has an outdoor bar and dining room. Mojo island is accessible only by boat. Sumbawa Island has a beautiful coastline ideal for a walk on the beach especially Pantai di Lunyuk.

From any point of the island seeing the beautiful peaks of the highlands, which in the lower part covered with jungle. The interior of Sumbawa Island is a mixture of terraced rice plantations planted and savannah.

The climate is tropical island and is favorable to visit all year round. The water is clear and warm, the beaches and bays are sheltered. Nature is very well preserved because there is no large resorts as for example in Bali.

Best bays are Bima Bay, Cempi Bay and Waworada Bay. The population of the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia is employed in agriculture, but often suffer from malnutrition, when a poor harvest due to lack of rain. Island Sangeang enter into the waters and yuridiktsiyata Island Sumbawa, and is an interesting destination for tourists because of the active volcano Sangeang Api.

Because of this natural phenomenon in 2014 were canceled flights in northwestern Australia - Darwin city and attractive destination by plane from Australia to Bali.

The population is on permanent standby to evacuate in a sudden activity of the volcano Sangeang Api. It is advisable not get off the island Sangeang but to make a panoramic tour boat around.

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