Beautiful Sumba Island Indonesia

Sumba Island Indonesia is part of Lesser Sunda Islands area of 11,153 km 2 and a population of about 660,000 people. North of the island of Sumba is an island Flores, and the northwest island of Sumbawa.

Sumba Island Indonesia is located in the Indian Ocean and the Timor sea separates it from the continent of Australia. Unlike most islands in Indonesia, Sumba island is hilly with deciduous forests in the north and tropical south, without the steep volcanoes. Hurricanes are frequent in these places and sometimes victims of Mets population.

Largest city with the largest port is Waingapu. Because of the growing population, a large part of the plant sandalwood was cut to make room on the agricultural ekulturi. There are two national parks where you can still see the wild several endemic species. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Sumba Island Indonesia

Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park and Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park are places protected by law. Visit the largest waterfall on the island - Air Terjun laputi.

There are not many landmarks on the island, but there is an eco hotel - Nihiwatu Resort and several great beautiful bay with fine white sand. Between June and September rainy season outside practiced surf, but the waves are not very high about 2-3 meters.

Bay Mondu Lambi, Tarimbang Beach and longest beach Manoekangga are very comfortable camping beaches and mooring your yacht or catamaran. Interest for tourists represents ancient construction of houses and the specific elongated roof.

This is not an architectural quirk and solving everyday problems of the family. At the top is a store with food under it have sleeping quarters for men and women, then the living room, and the bellow live animals.

Please see the photo gallery of Sumba Island Indonesia. Walk in the city Tambolaka during the market day to buy everything you need for a few days vacation. Population eats the gifts of the sea.

At low tide you can see villagers with torches at night to dig networks of algae and look so nutritious meal of crabs. The waters around the island as a whole have not been studied in detail, so you can expect many surprises not very of marine life.

From the historical sights on the island of Sumba will mention the megaliths, which are well preserved. In fact, if I'm honest it is better to visit the nearby Indonesian islands - Flores and Sumbawa, and why not Bali, although there have been crowded by tourists and of course more expensive for your budget.

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