Unforgettable vacation on Sulawesi Island Indonesia

The enchanting Sulawesi Island Indonesia is located between Borneo and the Maluku Islands. Interesting is the shape and topography of Sulawesi island, which I think looks like a big octopus. At the heart of the island is a mountain range with a height of 2000 meters, which is formed by past volcanic activity (Soputan, Mount Lokon, Mount Awu and Karangetang).

Because of the disastrous activities of people are formed eight national parks, four of which are marine. Since Sulawesi island represents several large peninsulas, we will look at them as separate destinations. The most important landmark is Fort Rotterdam testimony of Dutch colonization in the past. Located in the city of Makassar and its main purpose is to protect the main port.

For lovers of mountain tourism, we offer one-day hike to volcano Lokon and based Mount Lokon him to 1600 meters altitude. Be careful because the volcano is active, anything that has a crater lake at the bottom of the volcano. Bookmark and Share

Sulawesi Island Indonesia photogallery

Natural attractions in Sulawesi Island Indonesia

It is also necessary to pre-register your intention to visit Lokon volcano in the nearest town Tomohon. Interesting transition in the jungle on the island of Sulawesi represents ascent to the volcano Klabat - the highest in Sulawesi.

Awaiting your displacement of 2000 meters and length of journey of about four hours. The view from the top is unique, you can make panoramic photos of the peninsula and the sea. You need a guide and a fee to visit the volcano.

Tana Toraja, interesting place, worth to see the funeral of the island carved in the rock holes that I did not understand what they are. Most likely tomb of deceased people Tau tau facing the ground. Pay attention to the architecture of the houses Tongkonan. Buton Fortress, fortress which is intended to protect the Sultan of Buton island by the Dutch fleet. It is made of dead corals and shells of mussels. To this island also has a beautiful island Muna.

Quiet and peaceful island with beautiful beaches and small towns, perfect for family vacations or for couples. On the Sulawesi Island Indonesia no major waterfalls, but still worth visiting Saluopa Waterfall. The water falls 12 levels and tourists can easily bathe in pools and to make spectacular shots.

The nearest place to relax with a few family hotel is a town Tentena. The stones are not slippery and the water is clean and warm. Access to Saluopa Waterfall is easy because they are built from countries wooden stairs to each level of this attraction in Sulawesi. Similar natural landmark represents Indo Rannuang Waterfall River Limbong Sitodo. In the western peninsula is a beach Dato Pangalle with fine sand, swaying palms and crystal chiska water.

If you come with closed eyes on this fabulous beach can confuse him with someone like Bali. We offer a walk in western part of the island of Sulawesi and color palace Masjid Raya Mamuju. You can make your individual plan a tour of Sulawesi island Indonesia or visit the neighboring of Sumba island.

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