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Natural and historical landmarks in Sudan

For decades in this east African country has a civil war that prevents tourists to visit the most interesting landmarks in Sudan. This does not mean that you have to delete the tourist map of this beautiful country, on the contrary, it would push us to be interested in what can be seen in the Sudan.

Of course landmarks in Sudan are not known to the Western world and you can not teach them if you read on the internet about it. Photos of landmarks in Sudan are too few and of poor quality, and therefore the description is scarce. However, we will try to present you the most beautiful attractions in Sudan.

First Dinder National Park is one of the largest in Africa, located on the border with Ethiopia River Dinder. Since 1935 is a biosphere reserve, protection of flora and fauna is a problem for Sudan because the cultivated area increased population grown cattle.

Meroe pyramids are another landmark in Sudan who are distant relatives of the Egyptian pyramids. Mention this fact because they are located in the upper reaches of the Nile River and were built when this part of Sudan was owned by the Egyptian pharaohs. Bookmark and Share

Short walk among the landmarks in Sudan

The dimensions of the Meroe pyramids are quite small in comparison with the pyramids downstream of the attractions on the Nile. Located in the region of Nubia and therefore can meet them in guidebooks as Nubian pyramids.

Top 10 landmarks in Sudan

About 200 of them are even the bad weather and climate have destroyed most of them. There is evidence to have been plundered by treasure hunters in the past.

As we focus on pyramids let us mention pyramids of Gebel Barkal. Are not over the Nile, in northern Sudan and were probably built on the orders of Thutmose III. Many historians have questioned why are so small compared to the Egyptian.

The most likely reason is the lack of manpower in the area. Natural landmarks in Sudan can count the volcanic areas Jebel Marra. Located in the province of Darfur in western Sudan and is relatively young volcano about 3,500 years. When he was active lava traveled 3O km before cool down completely. Main tourist attraction is the crater Deriba Caldera, which is filled with water due to rainfall in the area.

The capital of Sudan is Khartoum city, as the leading tourist spots are the National Museum and many famous camel market Omdurman. The most visited landmarks in Sudan are located on the Red Sea, where is a place to rest. Here at a very low price you can spend a wonderful vacation with your loved one.

Crystal clear water, lots of water attractions and seaside gardens will make you extremely happy with the African country of Sudan. For divers there are 2000 km of coral reefs in the park Ras Muhammad and 1,200 species of fish in the Indian Ocean.

In brief will not be bored and will spend an unforgettable vacation in the landmarks in Sudan.

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