The most important attractions in Stewart Island

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Stewart Island New Zealand is third island and the most part in this area is an national park. For this reason, here you can see a lot of virgin forests, swamps, granite rocks, birds and kiwi Kaka parrots and white-tailed deer.

There is only one walkway for tourists in Stewart Island North West Circuit. This trail passes through swamps and rivers, admiring the lonely beach and listen to the birds sing how.

You spend the night in a tent or bungalow, what more does a person to feel the wildlife of this remote island. There is another remote route that I personally do not recommend it because it is surrounded - Tin Range and Mount Allen.

Walking is more, the trail goes through dense forest, climb up the cliffs and going through marshes, where there are many summer flies. Night sleeping in tents and listen to the chirping of rare birds Kiwi, is not it great?

Due to the proximity of Stewart Island to the southern polar circle, you can observe auroras. Geographically Stewart Island is 47 kilometers wide as the Crimea with the difference that here feel the cold winds coming from Antarctica. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Stewart Island

Rain and wind are a regular occurrence and the weather can change five times a day. Even in winter snow hard to keep the weather is neither cold nor hot, but it is always very humid.

The ocean around the island Stewart is full of life, these are ideal conditions for snorkelling, because there is enough sea creatures that are not afraid of humans.

The most beautiful place on the island Stuart Gog and Magog. These are two granite rocks, which are located at the southern end of the island, but there are enough very difficult because you have to go on foot all day.

Stewart Island population is about 400 people who engage in fishing (farmed salmon) and other agricultural activities. The only settlement is the town of Oban.

Tourism is well developed, because during the warm summer months come wealthy tourists, artists and photographers looking for peace and solitude in the wilds of this enchanting place.

About Stewart Island has several small islands. They are not very interesting and access to them is prohibited except on the island of Ulva. Most of the islands are covered with dense forest of squat fallen rotted trees and shrubs, which are hidden penguins.

Usually these places can only be seen if you rent a yacht or motor boat and camping is not possible because of the rocky terrain and the smell of rotten wood and rotten meat. Wealthy tourists consider these islands helicopter is. The easiest way to reach the island Stewart is by ferry from Bluff to Oban.

All trails are well maintained and Magyar walk is guaranteed, for a fee of course. However, there are few people who come here. Most prefer the rest of the South Island, New Zealand.

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