Spectacular rock figures carved by the sea

Spectacular rock figures are always of interest to curious tourists. These are vertical cliffs, separated from the sea that were formed entirely by wind and water.

The process of their formation is controversial, but according to geologists it comes to the initial formation of cracks in solid rock, which increases with age. Later he became the interim collapsing rock, sea gradually Roll immediately and smoothes. Eventually they get so-called "stacks" that protrude freely today. Here we present the 10 spectacular rock figures on Earth.

Old Harry Rocks - Located in southern England (Dorset). Basic composition of the rock is tebeshit and flint. These are pretty loose material to compare the 18th century, people quietly walked up to the big rock. (See photo)

Lange Anna - Located in the North Sea Heligolan small island (Germany). Wind and waves are able to most of the scattered rocks to form interesting nooks and small caves at the bottom.

Rising 50 meters above the sea in spring and summer, many nesting birds. Bookmark and Share

Spectacular rock figures photo gallery

Bako Sea Stack
Haystack Rock
kicker rock galapagos
Ko Tapu rock figures
Lange Anna
Old Harry Rocks rock
Old Man of Hoy
Risin og Kellingin
Sail Rock Rusia
The Twelve Apostles

Popular rock figures

Sail Rock - Located in the Russian Black Sea coast, the rock size is 25 m high, 20 m long and 1 m thick. The shape resembles a sail, hence the name. The photo shows a hole that probably is Arsenal shell.

Kicker Rock - spectacular rock figures in the western part of the easternmost island in the Galapagos. The scale is likened to sleep like a lion and is suitable for diving. The rock is split to form two cones of volcanic nature. The waters around the rock are full of hammerhead sharks.

Bako Sea Stack - This solitary rock rises on the island of Borneo which are part of the attractions in Malaysia. Erosion has done its job in a spectacular way, has created this lonely rock. In fact, this is the most famous landmark on the beach in Pandan Kecil Bako National Park.
Haystack Rock - Located in Oregon Cannon Beach in the Gulf. This spectacular rock figures rises 72 meters high and is a great attraction for visitors during the low tide.
Ko Tapu - Many famous tourist attraction in the Bay Phang Nga Bay - landmarks of Thailand. While it is only 20 meters high, its popularity comes from the James Bond films.
Risin og Kellingin - two sea cliffs facing each other, as if vying with its mogashtvestvo. According to legend, this is the meat giant 71 meter and 68 meter witch are located on the island of Eysturoy - Faroe Islands. According to geologists 'straddling' scale up to tens of years will collapse during the winter.

Old Man of Hoy - Old Man of Hoy is located in Scotland and is 137 meters high. It is suitable for climbing the climbers, the first ascent was in 1966. This is red spectacular rock figures  that unfortunately will soon collapse.

The Twelve Apostles - the most popular of all these rock formations. Located in Phenomena of Australia , although this number is only 8 instead of 12. In 2005 one of them collapsed under the onslaught of wind and rain.

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