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It is no surprise that Spain attractions has adopted the image of a country with crowded beaches, ancient monuments from Roman times, the rule of the Moors, medieval castles and bullfighting. The natural Spain attractions are its evergreen estuaries of Galicia, rocky mountains of the Sierra Nevada and the deserts of Almeria. Medieval castles are one of the most memorable Spain attractions.

Let's start from the capital Madrid and the Royal Palace in the old town. Built in 825 years by Emir Mohammed I - Moorish conqueror. Over the years the castle was the residence of many Spanish kings. From this building actually comes the name of the city Madrid.

Castle Almodovar - Spain attractions, located at 20 km. from the city of Cordoba, a lush green hill 250 meters above sea level. It stretches over an area of ​​5.5 square kilometra and was built by the Arabs in 720 years.

Later on it was found a Roman castrum garnion. After 36 years of restoration fort this landmarks in Spain is among the best preserved in the country.

Calahorra Castlе - Moorish fortress, later turned into a beautiful Renaissance palace. Located in Andalusia in the northern foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Bookmark and Share

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Alcazar Castle in Spain
Alhambra Palace in Spain
Alhambra Palace in Spain
Castillo Calahorra in Spain
Castle Almodovar in Spain
Spain Escorial Madrid
Spain Guadamur Castle
Spain Madrid Royal Palace
Spain Manzanares Castle
Spain Mombeltran Castle

The most wonderful Spain attractions

The inner columns is decorated with many beautiful marble elements and the four towers that rise above the fortress in the tales of Scheherazade.

Mombeltran Castle - a medieval fortress built on a hill in the Sierra de Grandos. The castle is a perfect square with four massive round towers at each corner. In the 15th century the site of a fortress converted to a castle. At the time this Spain attractions had quite luxurious rooms which had to accept the noble guests of the Spanish aristocracy.

Manzanares Castle - well preserved Spanish fortress in the 15th century, some 50 km. from Madrid. The fort has been invested several architectural styles - Moorish, Gothic, and Renaissance mudehar. The castle walls are 30 meters by three round towers and the fourth, which is the main square.

The best tourist Spain attractions

Alhambra Castle - Located in the city of Granada is one of the oldest in the country. Here the influence of Moorish culture and style and most translated means red fortress. Komares tower rises 45 meters and is the highest in the complex. The interior of this landmarks in Spain is decorated with colorful geometric forms of classical Arabic calligraphy.

Alcazar Castle - located in the old city of Segovia at the entrance of rivers Eresma and Klamores. Some historians have likened the old building as the nose of ship. Over the years there have been housed artillery College and was a fold and imprisonment. Major reforms in the construction of the castle were made during the reign of Philip II and John II.

Escorial - Arguably one of the most popular landmarks in Spain because it is a huge complex consisting of a palace, monastery and library. Over the years, the building functions as a residence of kings and royal Spanish Augustinian monastery. The library has over 40,000 books and manuscripts, as well as a vast collection of paintings Titsiyan, Tintern and Bosch.

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