Magnificent palace in South Korea

Incredibly beautiful palace in South Korea are among the most famous in eastern culture. South Korea occupies the whole southern part of the Korean peninsula, and the entire land portion bordering with North Korea. The capital city is Seoul, which is crowded with suburbs and live half the country's population.

The city is in the middle of the peninsula and there concentrated all important institutions of the country. Considering the history of South Korea and Seoul in particular, here are the most interesting palace in South Korea, most of which is protected by UNESCO. First built in the 15th century temple Chongmyo fortress and palace Huasong Changdeok.

If you like peace and relaxation can indulge in Buddhist temples, which are supported specifically for visitors. Deoksugung palace - This is attractions of South Korea complex built by Naturally wood and painted in colors typical of medieval Korea.

Unfortunately, only one-third of all buildings survive today as they were destroyed during the occupation of the country.

In Deoksugung palace is the National Museum of Art, and the outside is beautifully arranged gardens. Another palace in South Korea is Gyeongbok where the kings of the Joseon Dynasty lived hundreds of years. Bookmark and Share

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Night photo of South Korea
Busan of South Korea
Changdeokgung of South Korea
Changgyeonggung of South Korea
Gyeongbokgung of South Korea
Hwaseong of South Korea
Jeju crater of South Korea
Gyeonghui of South Korea
Gyeongbok of South Korea
Hyangwonjong of South Korea

Amazing palace in South Korea

Located in the center of Seoul and is a unique work of art with its curved upwards wavy roofs of wood and colored finishes. Another attractions of South Korea is Changdeokgung palace  and its secret garden covered with beautiful flowers and shrubs that are maintained throughout the year.

In the past, the kings of the Joseon Dynasty worshiped walks in these gardens. If you want to buy a souvenir or gift for a loved one, visit Insadong. Here tourists throng the streets because where there antique shops and craft houses. Near Insadong is located Changgyeonggung palace, the most impressive building in Seoul. In South Korea, although there are many beautiful and low mountains.

Most beautiful palace in South Korea

There is Seoraksan national park, home to rare plants and animals, but are ideal for hiking eco specially built tracks. As of Korea belong to several volcanic islands, one of which is the island of Jeju.

Here two million years ago there was a series of eruptions that formed the island. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking sparashti waterfalls surrounded by lush vegetation, very reminding of Hawaii.

Try Korean cuisine, but be careful what you eat because certain foods difficult to endure by Europeans. Here given meals prepared from algae. Almost every corner is a fast food shop.

Try the biscotti with the egg - very tasty. For dessert remains tour of the Hwaseong castle or known attractions of South Korea as brilliant castle.

This is a great palace complex in central Suwon. The castle was built by King Zhengzhou a tribute to his father King Jeongjo.

Gyeonghui Palace - this is the second most important palace of the king in western Seoul. Here is the history museum and the Museum of Seoul Arts. There are five main palace in South Korea.

Gyeongbokgung palace - located north of Seoul Royal Palace burned down completely and restored by the Joseon Dynasty. In the 20th century the castle was again destroyed by the Japanese Empire, and currently only 40% of the buildings are authentic.

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