South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands little known

In the southern part of the Atlantic there is a land that has known more than whalers as a tourist destination are South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. Harsh climate and remoteness are some of the reasons here rarely draws tourist.

South Georgia is the largest island that is inhabited and has a permanent population of about a thousand people. The South Sandwich Islands are scattered to the east of the island of South Georgia and the penguins except other people will. They are overseas territory of the UK with a small area, but of great importance because of the large marine area, which is used for fishing.

The main attractions that will stop your attention are located in South Georgia. Most of them can possibly see on a clear day if you make a boat tour around the island. Bookmark and Share

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

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Natural attractions in South Sandwich Islands

There are several fjord, which, however, are much smaller than those in Norway. The view is about the same, and the declining trend of glaciers is obvious because of global warming.

One of the most beautiful attractions in South Georgia is Drygalski Fjord. Beauty is not inferior to Milford Sound in Norway, but in a much smaller size. There is a glacier at the entrance of the fjord. As a protected area there are some rules to visit, such as the berthing of the ship and down to 100 people on the shore.

This is done in order not to interfere with the biological equilibrium of the island. Gold Harbour, a favorite place for royal penguins, which are so much that barely see the beach from their bodies. Fortuna Bay, Bay easily accessible from both the sea and on land. Walk along a trail a few hours of Stromness.

During the summer months there are a variety of sea birds, penguins and Elephant Seals. You can kayak in Gtytviken Harbour, but under certain conditions the vessel that supplies you with the equipment and gear. The emotion of this is worth the price. Gulf Elsehul, rocky bay on the west side of South Georgia, where the seals mate and nesting albatrosses.

Visit the small town of Grytviken, where you will feel the spirit of the people, their customs and past whalers and seal hunters. There is even a museum and special exhibit "Shackleton's boat" with which he managed to escape from the ice trap of Antarctica. Grytviken Whaling Station, remnants of the time when the processing of whale oil had industrial size to the prohibition in 1963.

On the islands there are no trees, but in contrast, there are about 125 species of mosses and lichens that survive the winter months. The most frequent visitors to South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are polar researchers who go to Antarctica and turned to look this beautiful, but cold place.

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