Tourist attractions in Slovakia

This small country located in Central Europe boasts many interesting attractions in Slovakia. Although landlocked, the standard of living in Slovakia is above the average for the continent of Europe.

Relief of Slovakia is composed mainly of medium-high mountains and moderate climate is favorable for tourism throughout the year. Historical landmarks are leading because Slovakia has a rich history with many well-preserved historical sites to visit.

Capital Bratislava is the main attraction in this beautiful country. In the old town you can see the Cathedral of St. Martin, which took place the coronation of the kings of Hungary, Bratislava castle which is the most visited attraction in Slovakia.

The castle is located on a hill and a rectangular building with four towers at each end. From it you can see the whole of Bratislava, and even see some of Austria. In Bratislava Castle is located the Slovak Parliament, the museum halls in which there are often concerts and more. Devin Castle is our next stop on the tour.

Located at the point of confluence of the rivers Danube and Morava River. The ruins of the ramparts are well preserved and stand out against the background of the suburbs of Bratislava. Bookmark and Share

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Historical and cultural attractions in Slovakia

The entire complex is one large Great Moravian castle towering on a hill. The third castle, which we want to introduce you is Trencin Castle.

The unique medieval complex is situated on a high rock. The history of the castle is very interesting and will learn if you visit the city of Trencin. One of the oldest Slovak castles is Castle Bojnice.

Located in a beautiful natural area and construction of the entire complex is a pyramidal structure. Bozhnitse castle serves as the setting for the story "Fantagiro" and in the summer the town hosts many music festivals. In other words, to visit Slovakia and you see the most beautiful castles is a crime.

Natural attractions in Slovakia

Moreover the attractions in Slovakia can count the beautiful national parks. These include National Park Slovensky Raj.

The most beautiful park in Slovakia, which has two very large cave - Stratenska and Ice Cave Dobsinska. Eco trail passes through quite steep mountains and canyons. Has built several panoramic sites over large chasms. Tatra National Park was founded in 1948 and is the oldest in Slovakia. Here are the highest peaks in the Carpathians.

There are many huts built for the thousands of tourists who walk in summer park. Here is the only cave for visitors - Beljanski cave. There are also several rehabilitation centers built here because of the clean air and silence. Other parks in Slovakia are also very beautiful, but we will only mention them:

Low Tatras National Park, National Park Pieniny, Little Fatra National Park and National Park Poloniny. As mentioned Slovakia is landlocked but has two very beautiful big lakes. These are Slnecne jazera and Lake Zemplinska Sirava.

Here you will find all of the conditions as it does in coastal areas of other countries.

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