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Singapore is an island country located in southeast Asia. Country represents 63 islands with a total area of 697,2 km ² measured in 2003. Since Singapore is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, has a policy to import soil from neighboring countries to increase ground.

There are two channels for connection to the mainland of Asia - Channel Tuas Second Link in the west and channel Johor-Singapore Causeway in the north. The climate is tropical with heavy rainfall and year-round average temperature of 28 ° C. Much of the population are immigrants came to the island in the last 100 years.

These are Indians, Chinese, Arabs and other less numerous nationalities. Each ethnic group has its own habitat, its religion and culture. In Singapore, there are several Buddhist , Hindu and Taoist temples are not large, but in contrast, very beautiful.

The government's policy is to have tolerance among the population. That is why Singapore can see Chinatown and Little India. Try the national cuisine of these two blocks will not regret .Bookmark and Share

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About 10 % of the land is covered with parks, nature reserves in order to reduce urban areas covered with buildings and infrastructure. Some main roads and highways must have trees to reduce the noise of cars.

Over 10 million tourists each year visit this beautiful island urbanized. Some of them come for the so-called medical tourism, others teach at universities, and others just have fun.

Visit the most expensive building in the world Marina Bay Sands or coastal avenue "Clark Kee," which is just a walk.

Here is one of the five largest ports in the world. Organize yourself a boat trip on the river between the mainland and the island of Singapore.

Another landmark in Singapore's zoo where the animals feel in their natural environment. Even has preserved virgin rainforest about 70 hectares - Park "Bukit Timah". The park " Jurong ", which is only 20 hectares can see a large number of rare tropical birds.

The remaining smaller islands such as the Isle Sentoc example has a well designed golf courses, which are held world championships. Do not miss a ride on the Ferris wheel 165 meters high , especially when the sun goes down . Then view from the top of the wheel is great.

Here are the other attractions in Singapore, which will only mention them. The most popular resort in Singapore - Isle Sentosa, Singapore Botanical Garden , Amusement Park in Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa Island Explore Underwater World Singapore, you expect more than 2,500 sea creatures collected from around the world.

Historical and spiritual attractions in Singapore can offer you : monastery Kong Meng San Phor, plant Old Ford Motor, Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall and others.

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