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Sightseeing in Toledo, the old capital of Spain. It is located south of Madrid, about 70 km on the Tagus River. This place has a lot of history sealed as a cultural monument and protected by UNESCO. The location of the city of Toledo is not accidental.

There are many well-preserved fortress walls from the Middle Ages, and the remains of the Roman Empire are not insignificant. In recent years, the number of tourists is increasing, so the peace and quiet are not the same. Proximity to the capital Madrid is very important, as some visitors travel specifically to spend a day in the city of Toledo.

The location of the city is specially chosen on a rock mound above the river Tagus. I have nothing to explain that the city can be toured in one day. It is best to stay at least 2-3 days so you can safely explore the main sights of Toledo. The history of the city is very ancient, even before the Romans came to these lands.

There was a small settlement here, later it became a city center of trade. The city of Toledo was the capital of the Visigoths, then the Moors conquered it and finally Rome again. Few monuments remain from this historical period, such as the Christo de la Luz Mosque. Bookmark and Share

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What are the most important sights in Toledo

In 1085, King Alfonso VI conquered the city of Toledo and turned it into a Christian fortress. The churches of San Roman and Santiago del Arrabal have been preserved from this period, as have the old city gates. There are also two synagogues, the Synagogue de Santa MarĂ­a La Blanca, out of a total of seven, which you can view and take nice pictures of.

Like most places in the Catholic world, here stands the Cathedral of Toledo, a true architectural creation. In the 16th century, the capital of Spain became Madrid and then the city of Toledo began to decline. You can see all this in the paintings of the Spanish artist El Greco. If you love carnivals and celebrations, then visit the city of Toledo on the first Sunday in February, when the Santa Agueda Festival is held, or in March and April for the religious processions in Toledo.

The main historical sights of the city of Toledo are: Alkazar Castle of Toledo, the Cathedral of Santa Iglesia of Toledo, the Church of Santo Tome, the Museum of El Greco, the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, the Museum of Santa Cruz. A very good option is to rent a bicycle. This will avoid the inconvenience of using public transport or the problem of parking a car. Keep in mind that most attractions are located in the pedestrian zone of the city. In the new city of Toledo, it is worth having a coffee or other drink in Circo Romano.

I love the water and for this reason I took very nice pictures of the San Martin Bridge. The two battle towers at the ends of the bridge are very beautiful and in place. Take an unforgettable trip to the city of Toledo to experience the atmosphere of this ancient Spanish city. It is worth immersing yourself in history and beauty in all its forms.

It made an impression on me that everything is made of stone and there are not many trees, it is quite painful at times, which does not prevent me from liking this place to which we can return again in years. Since many of you have seen the Spain attractions, it is good to know that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, free walks without a mask are currently prohibited.

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