The most important attractions in Olango

Sightseeing in Olango island Philippines as part of Cebu Island is one of the popular destinations in this part of the Earth. If we are to be a more accurate island, Olango is located between Mactan Island and Bohol Island. The most interesting attractions here are snorkeling in the coral reefs, Olango Reserve and observing migrating birds.

Tourists who want to come here will have the opportunity to enjoy the wildlife of both Olango Island and the satellite islands Sulpa, Nalusuan, Caohagan, Gilutongan, Pangan and Camungi, which are part of this destination. Santa Rosa is the only port city on the west coast. The landscape is mangrove marshes in which different species of birds and many mosquitoes live.

Once you arrive at Punta Engano, you can immediately find a taxi at the hotel you are booking. On the ferry you can safely transport a bike, a bicycle, but not a car. At the southern end of Olango Island is Barangay San Vicente, a protected area of ​​920 hectares. Many bird species live here, most of them migrating. Within the park you can shoot for a small fee.

Even the entry is paid by checking with the camera what kind of camera you are going to shoot in order to be able to determine the fee. The most frequent visitors are birds of the Asian cousin, Chinese herons, waders and herons. Bookmark and Share

Attractions in Olango photogallery

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Natural attractions in Olango

The coastal reef offers diving opportunities near the small islands of Nalusuan and Gilutongan. The area is about 4.5 km² and is located in the Visayas area. If you are a beginner diver, you can look for the services of a diving center at Tamil Beach Villas. The main diving sites are located in the northern part of Olango island to Mabini Point and Baring in the northwest of Santa Rosa. You can rent a motor boat and visit the nearest islands where you will find good conditions for snorkeling. On the island of Olango there are many places where you can find interesting souvenirs or eat delicious seafood. Philippine cuisine is not very different from Asian cuisine, perhaps spices are a little different. Prices here are lower than Mactan Island and Bohol island, because the island of Olango is not particularly advertised by tourist companies. Restaurants that offer Western food are in hotels, but there is expensive. Visit the so-called "floating restaurants" that can be reached by boat. They are located everywhere in the shallows around Olango Island. The food is freshly caught and tasted. Prices are higher than on the island, but it is worth trying. Despite the rural atmosphere on Olango Island, night prices are high and tourists with limited budgets do not work here.

Most hotels offer villas with air conditioning and a swimming pool, private beach and restaurant. Most tourists prefer to spend their holidays on Mactan island or Bohol Island and organize a one-day tour to Olango Island. We visited several more places in the Philippines, such as Mindoro Island and Luzon Island.

The most famous photo of Olango island is called "the ocean road". It represents stone blocks arranged as a trail in the shallow side of a house. From there, bird kingdom is observed with the help of binoculars or telescopes. This photo can be viewed in the gallery on the left of the article.

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