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Sightseeing in Cappadocia Turkey is multifaceted. Land of beautiful horses, such as the literal translation of the name of the locality from the Persian language, a location touched by unsolved magic. These are Edna's only insignificant part of all the charm that carries the impact area that lies in the heart of Turkey. The Cappadocia region is located in central Anatolia. The historical site of Asia Minor millennia ago was positioned between the ancient countries of Pont, Armenia, Cilicia, Galatia and Phrygia in the river Kozlermak. Nature sculpted strange shapes from the cooled lava, and the inhabitants of its territory carved in their dried up magma their homes, temples for meditation and Christian churches for contact with God. Bookmark and Share

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Today, Cappadocia is a complex of open-air museums of great historical and cultural significance, under the auspices of UNESCO. Cappadocia is one of the most interesting attractions in Turkey. Here you have the opportunity to marvel at the unique and unseen rock formations in the world - pyramids, mushrooms, chimneys, underground cities. The destination is visited by approximately 2 million tourists annually. Cappadocia is located in the cities of Nevsehir, which is also the largest in the area, Jurgup, Avanos, Gulshehir, Kaymakl.

The longest river in Turkey, the Kazulermak, also flows through the area, whose name means Red River. Sights such as the Magic Chimneys, Rock Castle, Underground City, Pigeon Valley, Zelve Valley, the cliffs whose shape resembles family, the Uchisar Hill, and the panorama around Goreme are revealed here. Cappadocia is of particular importance to Christians. It is believed that it was here that some of the first people dedicated to the Christian religion lived. Their immense devotion to God is spoken of by the many churches preserved in authentic condition throughout the rock complex.

Carved into the rocks, beautifully painted, ornately decorated, there can be counted over 370 temples. The impressive number is explained by the deep religiosity of the locals in ancient times and their desire to be able to offer their prayers in a different chapel every day of the year. The area, besides landmarks, is also full of vineyards.

Therefore, wine connoisseurs have a double occasion to visit Cappadocia. The area is rich in onyx stone deposits. This is also the reason why many jewelers in the area offer jewelry that is decorated with the "handsome man". Undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions in the region is the balloon flight, which takes place very early in the morning, even before sunrise. The balloon rises above the wonders of the rock, approximately 800 meters above the ground, and during the adventurous flight of about an hour, champagne is offered, which you can sip on in slow sips, enjoying the unbelievably beautiful panorama. But if there is something that makes Cappadocia known throughout Turkey and the world, it is clay.

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